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Multiple Award Winning Science Programme/Kits are Now Available in Malaysia:

US Award Winning Science Programme/Kits (age 4-12) are now available in Malaysia. An Educational Journey That Begins With Hours of Fun With Hands-On Science Experiments That Lasts A Lifetime. Contact: SCIENCE WONDERLAND, 012-632 4315

Books to enhance your knowledge in gifted issues:

  • Smart Baby, Clever Child. Valentine Dmitriev, Ph.D. Adams Media. 2003.
  • Leaning Disorders: A Guide for Parents and Teachers. William Feldman, Ph.D. Firefly Books, Ltd. 2000.
  • Smart Girls- A New Psychology of Girls, Women, & Giftedness. (Revised Edition) Barbara A. Kerr. Gifted Psychology Press. 1994.
  • Smart Boys- Talent, Manhood, & The Search for Meaning. Barbara A. Kerr, Ph.D, and Sanford J. Cohen, Ph.D. Gifted Psychology Press. 2001.
  • Stand Up for Your Gifted Child. Joan Franklin Smutney. Free Spirit Publishing. 2001.
  • Smart Kids with School Problems- Things to Know & Ways to Help. Priscilla L. Vail. Penguin Group. 1989.
  • Guiding the Gifted Child- A Practical Source for Parents and Teachers. James T. Webb, Ph.D, Elizabeth A. Meckstroth, M.S.W, Stephanie S. Tolan, M.A. Gifted Psychology Press. 2002.