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Parent Stories About Raising Gifted Children

Submitted By SD - 11-November-2011 4:30 am

Hi all,

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Social problems
Submitted By looneyhousehold - 10-February-2010 9:08 pm

As a mother of 3 profoundly gifted children ages 11,9 and 6 we live in a strange household - but normal in our world. The last 2 years have been very challenging emotionally and at school as 11 year old is bullied and 6 year old refuses to grade skip. As a high school teacher I sympathise with both sides of the fence - at the end of the day schools are not funded for 'gifted' children sadly this funding into special programs comes out of the main funding allocation.

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social and emotional problems in the gifted
Submitted By summer - 21-September-2009 11:44 am
I'm desperately seeking some assistance to help my gifted son with his over-sensitivity and impulsive and extreme responses. ( Read more... )

Submitted By gship - 23-August-2008 12:27 am
Is my son gifted?  He isn't a genius but has always been eager to learn.  He had  a high APGAR score at birth, walked at 10 months, was skipping and jumping when 2 and could hit a ball over 10 metres with a cricket bat since he was 3.  He has always been very tall and strong for his age.  Yet he also loves to read and draw.  He is in year 2 at school but does year 3 extension reading and maths homework.  All this sounds great, but he gets bored easily and tends to get into trouble a lot in the playground because of his superiority in sport.  He is 7 but looks like he is at least 9 or 10.  Subsequently when other kids get hurt at school and he is within 20 metres of it, he will be implicated in some way.  My wife and I have been called to meetings with his teachers and principal several times, due to so called 'threatening' behaviour exhibited towards other children.  We know that it is frustration, as other kids taunt and bait him knowing that when he eventually does retaliate, he will be punished accordingly and because of his sheer size, will never be seen as the victim.  I have been told he has ADD, mild autism, possibly asperger's but I know that this is all nonsense.  He is largely a misunderstood, but very smart and physically gifted child.  He is also an incredible athlete who can kick a football or soccer ball further than any other child his age or older in his sporting teams.  He is never tired and sleeps barely any longer than 9 hrs each day.  He is generally well behaved at home and when we visit people but seems to get into mischief in the school playground at least once per week.  I am currently looking to place him in another school that will try to better understand his needs and will provide more stimulating activities for him to do.
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Is my child gifted.
Submitted By sam68paper - 28-July-2008 2:58 pm

My child is 3 1/2.  He can read and if he finds a word he doesnt know, he sounds it out to the best of his ability and then he knows it.  He can also turn on the computer, go on the internet and type in Dora, or Wiggles, or things like that and he plays the games, looks at the shopping pages and knows how to look at photos and listen to music.   He has a good memory too.

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Submitted By Jasmina - 3-April-2008 8:37 pm

Hi there,
a while ago, Cameron (6 yo) was very concerned about various environmental issues. He also heard about elections and was upset he was not allowed to vote. He wanted to know how he can express his opinion. I suggested we write a letter to Hon. John Howard (the then Prime-Minister) and so we did. A couple of months later, Cameron received a letter from the PM but unfortunately I ended up having to translate a pure bureaucratic jargon into English :-).

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To frustrated mum
Submitted By Lisa - 21-January-2008 11:59 pm

Dear frustrated mum (aka BeeP),
Your description of your daughter matches my eldest, except my daughter is two years older (she's just had her 9th birthday). I experienced similar frustrations negotiating with schools, an IQ test, etc.

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Submitted By Jasmina - 17-December-2007 11:33 pm

I have never tried posting on a gifted kids site but there is a first for everything. My son, Cameron, has been showing signs that he was different from other kids early on. Questions about God and Life after Death started at the age 2.5. He had 5 word sentences understandable to adults other than myself when he was 20 months old. He also loves music, dancing and singing. So he goes to just the right school - McDonald College. He has taken to all the school challenges like fish to water and has made many friends. I was informed by one of the girls from his class that they all love him because he knows how to play boy games and girl games. So...he started receiving his first love notes :-).

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kids of joy
Submitted By marcgeerits - 3-October-2007 6:26 am

Having 2 sons: 10 and 7, both gifted, both accelerated in primary school. We've changed from school last year. Kids are doing well at the moment,great school. Looking further now to next schoolyear. Going to secondary school.

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one more gem
Submitted By Bharathy - 6-September-2007 10:22 am

Another incident which gives an insight to his thinking.I had explained the Archimedes Principle of water displacement to my son when he was around 2 and a half.Maybe a year later,I was telling him the story of the thirsty crow who drank water from a jug by putting pebbles in it.At the end of the story he said simply,"So the crow used Archimedes' principle to drink his water." Boy,was I bowled over!

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Destiny's child
Submitted By Bharathy - 23-August-2007 11:55 am

I always felt my child was different even before he was born.I had named him when I was 5 months pregnant and would constantly talk to him ,read out  poems and recite nursery rhymes.He would respond when his name was called and that finally saved him.At 33 weeks I called out to him and he did not respond. I was sure that something was wrong because that was not his usual behaviour.I went to sleep in the afternoon and woke up with a start. In my subconscious mind I saw my baby telling me that he would be born that day. Immediately I rushed to the doctor and she confirmed my worst fear.My blood pressure was hitting danger levels and there was no movement due to lack of fluid. I was given two hours and 30 % chance of survival. The miracle took place at 11.15 pm when my son was born .( I knew it was a boy without any ultrasound).When my husband arrived the next evening he was allowed to see the child and he still recalls how that little boy whose APGAR score was 3 at birth latched on to his finger. He started breast feeding at 8 days which is very rare for a premature baby weighing 1400 grams.At 3 months we gave him a toy gorilla which responded to sound. He would raise his voice slowly till he made the gorilla sing and then he would stop. Once the gorilla stopped singing he would start all over again.

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Un challenged child
Submitted By Barb - 13-August-2007 1:00 pm

Hi My daughter is six and a half she is undoutbly gifted but has not been tested. we live in a remote aboriginal community where there is no gifted cleasses and little support. My daughter will spend ages writing stories or letters at home but at school she only bothers to do what is neccesary to keep her teachers happy. She is quite capable of doing work thats alot harder than what is set in class but because  her classmates can baerly read the work set is easy and does not challenge her. She achieves high results on what what is set but refuses to to do extra or anything different from her classmates. She is happy being the top at what they do but scared to stand out and be different.

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Is he gifted?
Submitted By Snez - 6-June-2007 6:28 pm
Hello, I'd like some advise on the whole issue of gifted kids please. My boy is 22months old, he is quite advanced amongst his peers and it's been a little difficult for me to talk about with women from my mothers group as I get the impression that they think I'm constantly bragging about my 'clever boy'. That is not the case, I really want to talk about this as I'm starting to feel a little isolated about the whole thing. Would somebody please be able to give me some answers with regards to whether or not he may be gifted? If so, what do I do to achieve the best results for him? And how to deal with other parents and his peers? ( Read more... )

Frustrated Mum
Submitted By BeeP - 6-March-2007 3:23 pm

I knew my daughter was advanced when people remarked on her being able to count to 20, sing the alphabet and speak in sentences at 18 months old. Her sense of humour was always well advanced and she was also drawing detailed pictures from an early age too. We didn't know any different as she was our first child. Ever since I can remember we have been met with looks of total disbelief from other parents who probably think we are exagerrating or bragging when all we want is some support and guidance for her. Even now she is six and in Grade 2 at school and well beyond the level of her peers and yet her school does not seem to do much by way of even acknowledging her  needs.

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as well
Submitted By debbiesc2203 - 7-January-2007 9:22 am
oh and he also watches cricket he can sit there for ages and watch sports games , he also loves to watch star wars and can say some of the lines in the movie just before they say it and then claps after they say it as well as knowing the actions in the movie, ( Read more... )

gifted baby?
Submitted By debbiesc2203 - 7-January-2007 9:19 am
Hello Im a mother of a two year old boy ,at the age of one he was catching a ball and throwing it easy, he also kicks them perfectly. every time i go outside we walk down the stairs and i have been counting them outloud , first it was 1-5 then 5-10 and so on,It was when he was less than a year and a half when we where walking down the stairs he just counted them all by himself to ten, now hes 2 years old and reads arround 80 words and counts to twenty he also knows the alphabet and the letters mixed arround ,he does get a little distracted at times and things he sees now its all new to him , but he loves to learn new words ,i have a question for anyone that can answer it , does this mean hes gifted at all? if so how do you tell when your toddlers gifted ?and also how do i help him ? thankyou debbie ( Read more... )

Submitted By Rachael Taylor - 16-February-2005 9:42 am

After being told our son was the 99.87th percentile at age three and one month, we were a little suprised and bewildered to say the least!  I suppose we should have been a little forwarned when he started counting letter box numbers before he turned 2 - but hey we parents are always the last to notice these things......

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Where Help for Gifted is Scarce
Submitted By sheila - 7-July-2004 5:11 pm
The word "Gifted" is not commonly understood in my country even among teachers and many educators. This puts enourmous pressure on parents of gifted children. There are no special school or programme for these children either. ( Read more... )

Raie's Story
Submitted By Raie - 31-October-2003 4:19 pm

Having gifted children is a journey. My measure of success is not school marks or achievements, but happiness and enthusiasm along the way. "I love my school, Mum" is a big pat on the back for me. But to go back to the start...

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Have you got an interesting story?

We all need to hear these, and the more the better.  Being part of a gifted family is wonderful and exciting, where the unexpected is a regular part of life.  The highs can be very high, and the lows very low. Finding solutions when things go wrong is a journey in itself. Finding others to support you who have similar experiences is not particularly easy when, by definition, the gifted make up only 5% of the general population. This is the ideal spot to pass on to others your personal life experiences.

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