Molly Isaacs-McLeod

Molly Isaacs-McLeod | Gifted Unlimited

Molly provides support and guidance to families of gifted and twice exceptional (2e) children through advocacy and planning. She also offers support services to gifted adults. Molly provides training and consultation services to educators and other professionals regarding issues related to giftedness and twice-exceptionality. She has extensive training in special education advocacy. Molly is also a family law mediator.

Molly has a B.A. in Sociology, with minors in Women’s and Family Studies, a J.D., and an LL.M. in Taxation. She co-founded and is currently president of Gifted Unlimited, LLC, a support and resource group for families of gifted children. Molly attended the Institute for Special Education Advocacy, a five-day program offered by Wright’s Law at William and Mary Law School. She is trained as a SENG Model Parent Group (SMPG) facilitator, and facilitator trainer. Additionally, Molly has served on the Governor’s Task Force for Gifted Education, the State Gifted Advisory Council, and on the Executive Committee of SENG as President Elect and Acting President.

Although she was identified as a gifted child, Molly did not begin her journey with giftedness in earnest until her two older children were identified prior to attending school. Her experience as the parent of gifted children has led her down paths involving seeking accommodation for giftedness, asynchrony, and LDs.  She has experience balancing academic needs with NCAA requirements for aspiring collegiate athletes who are also otherwise gifted. Molly has personal and professional experience with a variety of educational settings (brick and mortar, homeschool, and online). Additionally, she teaches classes through Athena’s Advanced Academy. Molly has a depth of knowledge regarding accommodation of LDs using technology as well as adapting study methods to accommodate the asynchrony so typical of gifted children. 

It was through advocating for her own children that she realized many of the skills she had developed in prior work (law, mediation, working with families, program development, teaching, and public speaking) were directly applicable to supporting and assisting families in working with and obtaining accommodation for their children. She proceeded to attend numerous seminars, continuing education courses, and conferences addressing the needs and characteristics of the gifted.

Molly believes that the  most rewarding aspect of this type of work is helping families learn more about giftedness and helping them discover what options best meet the needs not only of their gifted child, but of their family as a whole. She welcomes the challenge of working with gifted individuals and families as an honor and a privilege.

Services Provided

Advocacy and Mediation

  • Advocating for the student and family in the school setting as to placement and accommodation
  • Working with the family and the school for the optimal balance of accommodation for 2E students
  • Interviewing and selecting a school
  • Understanding and interpreting test results
  • Family Mediation- divorce, custody, parenting, and school planning
  • Parent Coordination

Homeschool Consulting

Assistance with:

  • Transitioning between brick and mortar school and homeschool
  • Selecting appropriate curriculum for gifted and 2E students
  • Supporting 2E students at home
  • Designing study space  
  • Keeping records and organizing schedules
  • Ongoing homeschool support

Public Speaking

  • Gifted 101
  • Social and Emotional Aspects of Giftedness for Parents
  • Social and Emotional Aspects of Giftedness for Educators
  • My Child is Gifted, Now What?
    • Radical Acceleration
    • Advocacy 101

Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) Model Parent Groups (SMPG) 

  • Groups offered several times throughout the year
  • Schools and organizations may request an SMPG series as a service to parents of gifted students
  • SMPG Facilitator training

Additional Services

  • Gifted 101- Parents and Family aka “The Care and Tending of the Gifted Child in the Family”
  • Parenting Support and Coaching
  • Parent Group Support- creation, maintenance, growth, corporate form