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Who wants good children?

My name is Piter.

I think a lot about children, and although there can be many problems with them they also bring a lot of pleasure.
But the main thought leaves me restless why do they create different problems? In one book I have met such theory - During the moment of creation and before it, parents pawn mental bases for the future of the child, and in a consequence the child follows this program.
And those who wish to see their child smart and noble, please think of it in a moment of creation, and those whose child creates problems - recall what thought when you created the child?
The book, which is very clever, filled with deep ideas about children, about health and parents is called "Anastasia". If you already read it please express your opinion, I am searching for friends I can discuss my ideas with. You can get the book at www.energyoflife.ca or do it thru google, ask Anastasia + Ringing Cedars Series

Yours truly,

Date: 14-May-2005 @ 4:55 am
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Author: Piter

Re: Who wants good children?

I reckon mate to have a good kid u need to be resentless and loving
you need to educate and teach
because parents are teachers,
you should teach
the good and the bad
and when they grow up

they use their brains
aussie parents are iidiots and should wake up

du du du du du

Date: 13-October-2005 @ 8:44 pm
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Author: uncle buck

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