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Identification of Gifted Children

Who is a gifted child?   You, as a parent, know if your child is gifted.  Linda Silverman has shown that parents are correct in identification of their children 84% of the time.  And in the remaining 16% there is a high incidence of learning difficulty in association with brilliance.  Thus strengths and weaknesses cancel each other in an IQ test to a final result of average.

There are many lists available of behavioural characteristics that may be demonstrated by the gifted child.  Not all characteristics will be found in the one child, but several of these together can be indicative of giftedness.  This list comes from the Bright Futures Resource Book - Education of Gifted Students. (Vic Gov)

Gifted children may be characterised by:

  • unusual alertness
  • long attention span
  • high activity level
  • less need for sleep
  • keen sense of observation
  • extreme curiosity
  • excellent memory
  • advanced progression through developmental milestones
  • early onset of language
  • intense interest in books
  • rapid learning ability
  • sensitivity, both emotional and physical
  • intensity
  • preference for older companions
  • abstract reasoning  

Article by Raie Lyth, November 2004

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