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Help - am I on the right track?

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some advice or thoughts so I know whether in on the right track or not. Sorry about the long post but I wanted to provide some context behind my questions. My son is 8 and just finished year 2 this yr. When my son was 6 his kindi teacher and the school recommended he take the Stanford Binet 5th edition psych test to assess his IQ as he was learning at a much fastest pace than others. We went ahead with the assessment and the results were really positive and we received a lot of support and feedback from the school for the remainder of the year. They told us there is a gifted and talented program at the school and when he starts year 3 he will be able to attend special classes once a week at a different school with other like minded kids. He was given extension work and had the opportunity to learn other things if he already knew what the rest of the class was learning. They catered for him very well. At the end of the year the government funding for the school was reduced. As a result the school had to re-prioritize how to allocate their reduced budget and unfortunately the gifted and talented program was not one of their priorities. From that minute the support/feedback/opportunities all stopped. The teachers said there was nothing they can do. I let it go but can't help but wonder what difference would it make if the program still existed. I feel that he's just plodding along year after year. He is above average in most subjects but exceptional in the area of arts. Instead of asking the school to do anything I've enrolled him in extra curricular activities instead such as music and language classes and attending the mindquest sessions held twice a year. That is pretty much all we've done and I'm not sure if that's enough. I want to know if I'm doing the right thing or should I be doing more. Is there any point in speaking to the school now that they've shown absolutely no interest in my son or should we change schools. I like everything else about the school other than the fact that it doesn't cater for him. will it really make a difference? I can't help but feel I'm letting my son down and not nurturing him correctly. I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks for listening.
Date: 27-December-2014 @ 12:34 pm
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Author: SydJ

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