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To accelerate or not?

Hoping someone may be able to give some guidance on this subject. I have an 81/2 year old son who is currently in year 2. He is bored at school and over the last 3 months we have had school refusal, won't read or play music (which he loves) and won't complete homework. We have had him tested and advised that he should be extended for at least 1 hr a day in class. He is working at levels 1 - 3 years above his age. He is currently in the school's enrichment programme where he gets 1 hour a week. Due to him suffering with anxiety we have trialed him in year 3 to see if being more challenged will help bring his anxiety levels down. This has certainly worked and we have a more motivated, happy child. The school have said that they don't believe we should accelerate him. Although they believe he can do the work and socially fits in well, they are unsure of his maturity. He has always taken at least 4-6 weeks to settle in at the beginning of every school year so I am unsure as to whether they have given him enough time to settle and feel comfortable in the new environment. I am happy for him to stay in year 2 but so far all requests to have him extended in class have not materialised. I am struggling making the decision on whether to move him up or not. He was born in February and we made the decision to have him start school at 6 and not 5. I do wonder whether we did the right thing or not and don't want to make wrong decision.
Date: 12-November-2009 @ 1:03 pm
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Author: mareeheath

Re: To accelerate or not?

You have a "more motivated, happy child". I think that is the most important thing by far. "He can do the work and socially fits in well". I say accelerate! I don't understand where the school is coming from regarding his maturity, they seem to be contradicting themselves. My son also has has difficulty feeling comfortable in new situations and is very self conscious about it, but the benefits in the long term far out weigh those of the short term. I understand this is a difficult decision for you but you obviously know your son well. Perhaps you need to go with your gut feeling and from my perspective it is definately leaning toward acceleration.
Date: 12-November-2009 @ 9:13 pm
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Author: Bailey

Re: To accelerate or not?

maree, am I right here, it's really undoing the 'holding back" that was done originally, ie he will be going into his proper cohort with kids his own age? Being not emotionally involved at all it sounds obvious that he should be put up into his 'correct' year at least! So not sure the maturity argument has much validity in this context especially as the trial in year 3 has worked. What about a formal acceleration to year 4 next year and spending a bit of time with this year's year 3s over the next few weeks?
Date: 12-November-2009 @ 9:33 pm
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Author: soniaf

Re: To accelerate or not?

Only you can make the right decision about your son.

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Date: 29-April-2013 @ 11:36 am
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Author: jorgea

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