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Advice needed for good start.

Our 3 year old has recently been assessed and is in the 99.9 percentile. Neither my husband or I are gifted, so we are walking blind atm. So we were hoping for a bit of guidance from anyone with previous experience. His reading and maths are at about a year 2 level, but when he plays hide and seek he will hide behind a skinny tree and hide the sides of his face with his hands. So, we aren't keen to put him ahead any time soon or he will be eaten alive. He is registered to start at a c&K kindy next year when he turns 4, but after that we are a bit stumped
We are looking at 3 possibilities
(1) Sending him to a small country school with multi aged classrooms
(2) going to a private school with a gifted program (but they only do 1/2hr outside class time with him a week?)
(3) Montessori Caboolture, although we heard the area is a bit of a getto. true?
Any advice would be appriciated, but we aren't rich, so living in expensive areas just aren't an option. We are able to move around Queensland. thanks in advance
Date: 22-September-2012 @ 9:12 pm
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Author: qldjo

Re: Advice needed for good start.

Hello qldjo! May I call you Jo?
Our daughter's... Up there somewhere too... Now 5 yrs old. We picked the best private school we could afford, with a "gifted program"... One lesson a week. We are now home schooling. In brief point response to your Qs...
(1) small is good... But will still need intensive curriculum differentiation - and they may not agree to it... They may "know better". Unless you're unusually lucky.
(2) if they can tell you with a straight face that one lesson a week is a gifted program they have no idea and your wasting your time (we got that, served up with lashings of "inclusiveness" - it was a disaster)
(3) Montessori is great, but rarely do staff have real professional development in the gifted area. He'll still need a tailored approach - regularly reviewed.
My best advice... Hoagies Gifted Education Page (online) is a gold mine of resources & support! Sounds like your guy is Highly / exceptionally G... They have stuff on that too.
Always remember YOU know your son better than anyone.
Believe on your judgment and forgive yourself any mistakes, it's what you'd want him to learn isn't it? ;)
Date: 28-September-2012 @ 9:07 pm
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Author: Celeste

Re: Advice needed for good start.

Thanks Celeste. We have been travelling around looking at a couple of different schools and have pretty much decided not to decide. We have put his name down at a couple of montessori schools, but are still keeping the small school option open. We have however decided not to start him in prep early, but rather are sending him to a local c & k. I guess we can decide what we will do school wise this time next year. I'm really just hoping that by waiting another year, one of the options will just stand out a lot. Meanwhile we met with the areas early intervention officer and she is keen to have a meeting with the kindy teacher. Is extending a child in kindy pushing him do you think? Has anyone extended in kindy? Am I a pushy parent if we do?
Date: 12-November-2012 @ 8:35 pm
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Author: qldjo

Re: Advice needed for good start.

Hi qldjo,

We have 2 gifted children and they are now all grown-ups (sort of). They both entered into University (UNSW) at 14 and we have gone through the schooling times with different levels of challenges, especially for my first one as he was like the guinea pig for both the school and ourselves.

Both of my kids went into a private school (Christian school) started from kindy to year 11 (they both finished most of the hsc subjects when they finished year 11 and skipped year 12). To me, kindergarten is the most important step as it was the kindy teacher who spotted the "giftedness" for my first child. That teacher was specially trained in nurturing gifted children as one of her own was also a gifted kid. It was that teacher who worked with us and the school and the other authority to create the acceleration programme for my two kids.

In terms of extension in kindy, both of my kids spent full time in term 1 only when they were in kindy. Starting from term 2, they started to attend year 1 classes, and from term 3 onward, they were full time in year 1. The acceleration was actually suggested by the kindy teacher, and hence, it's important to have a teacher who has experience in this area and knows what to do.

Happy to share with you further about their full journey if you are interested.
Date: 21-November-2012 @ 11:13 am
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Author: raytower

Re: Advice needed for good start.

That's excellent advice, Celeste.
Date: 12-November-2012 @ 8:57 pm
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Author: David

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