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Grade skipping and school change

My dd was denied a early entry in nsw due to "social and emotional development" and not "Playing with her own age peers".... so we moved to qld, and when she was old enough, 5 and a half ( Birthday in August, missed out on school by 26 days) we put her into a school that said that she could go straight into a year one class, then after 8 days, said she wasnt old enough and put her into a prep/ one composite..... She did fine in there and became a behavior problem in the class, to the point the teacher wanted me to get testing for adhd to be done..... which we did, the result was that she was bored..... Not ADHD.
Then at the beggining of this year, we changed out of the state school, which was going to put her into a straight year one class, with no extention or enrichment, because she didn't behave mature enough.....
We put her into a catholic school which has multi age classes and they grade skipped her into a 2/3 class..... This was wonderful.
Now, at the beggining of term two, she is complaining that the work is to easy and she wants to do harder stuff, she also told me that she is only extended into the year 3 part of the class for maths and the kids tease her because she is only 6...... and the ONLY kid in her class in year 2 doing year 3 maths.
She is also having trouble making friends. Most of these kids went to the feeder pre school together.
My son who is 5 in prep in a prep/1 class at a different school ( because of no vacancies) is showing signs of giftedness now too, although we haven't had him tested as yet.
Im doing an hour and a half drive every morning for school drop off and the same again in the afternoon.
This has forced me to look for a school that will cater for both my children, so i spoke to both the schools the kids are in, but at dd school there is no vacancies, and the principal has changed at the beggining of this year.... and although he is great about the grade skip, i dont see any extention ect.... at my ds school, they dont have any gifted programs at all and the school is small so one class per year grouping, no compisites except prep/1.
I can do the commute this year when they finish at different times, but wont be able to next year, as they finish at the same time, and go to school on different sides of the city...

Now i want to give all 3 of my children the best start i can, I have a baby as well, so this is where i am concerned.....

I have found a school that has everything i want...... Is willing to keep the grade skip that has been done, multi age classes, prep to year 12, small school (200 kids), Pull out Gifted and talented program ( after testing done by SOI testing), agriculture program, enrichment classes, kitchen garden program, awsome science labs..... ( i did the tour and the kids were talking about what would happen if Galalaeo was throwing things out the windows of the Tower of Pisa).......
Sounds fantastic doesnt it?????
If i move my child here it will be 3 different schools in a 2 year peoiod, and i am concerned about how this will impact her.
She already knows one of the little girls there in the school.....
My two children will be in the same school together and i dont know how that will go.....
Also, As the school is completely made up of composite classes and there is only p/1, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7 ect.....what will happen if my son needs grade skipping along the line, but my daughter does not. if they started today ds would be in p/1 and dd in 2/3..... so this is ok at present.....

I suppose i am wondering what others would do in my position and when ( If they do) it would be done????

Please help.
Date: 18-April-2012 @ 1:03 pm
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Author: nikkim

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