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6yr old boy anxious and hiding his intellect

Hi everyone, I am new here, this is my first post. I am not sure if my child is 'gifted' or what is happening for him exactly. He started school this year and has recently confided in me that he is hiding how smart he is from his teacher. His motivation to do this is to avoid being put in a higher grade, he said the teachers have mentioned this to him a few times. And he also said he was hiding how smart he is from his peers... because he doesn't want them to get upset and jealous when he picks things up quicker. He told me that he lets them think he is smart, but not really really really smart (his words). He is having a few problems socially at school, with being a bit too bossy and controlling when he is organising the games to be played at lunch and recess, but apart from that he seems able to make friends but he does feel isolated from them. He has always been very active... moves around alot... a hard kid to have, very intense but so earnest, sweet, and endearing. Recently he told me that he was worried about death, we had a little conversation about it and he said that sometimes he wished he'd never had a life so he didn't have to worry about losing one... that broke my heart... poor little fella... so anxious... and thinks so much all the time... has a blood type phobia as well. His school has said they were giving him yr 1 maths work etc since starting but I haven't seen any evidence of it... they say he is bright but performing to his capabilities, which, according to what he is telling me in private, is exactly what he wants them to think. I am worried about his education long term.. he is very bored in class and I am worried about him phasing out and losing interest... Any thoughts from anyone who has been through/going through this? Any help would be appreciated!!
Date: 13-July-2011 @ 8:44 pm
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Author: RJones

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