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School Options for Gifted

My daughter was several years ahead of her peers by the time she was she was old enough to start school. She has 3 older gifted siblings so I already had some experiance with many educational issues with gifted kids. I was not able to get an early entry to school (she had an October birthday) Instead I chose to bypass the larger schools and sent her "out of town" to a tiny rural school with only 22 students and 2 classrooms.
Unlike larger schools the teachers were already accustomed to teaching multiple grade levels in the one classroom.
They averged only 11 students per teacher.
There is no bullying at all.
All ages mix together at play time allowing students select their own peer group aswell as being able to learn social skills by observing older kids at play.
Every one is already working on their "own" level so it's "normal" to be at a different level to everyone else in the class.
My daughters small size was not an issue... there is a huge range of sizes between prep and grade six!
There was always an opportunity to listen in and learn what older kids were learning.
My daughter has been able to be with younger and older kids depending on her ability in each area.
She has learnt that everyone learns differently and although she read and do math better than her best friend "he could already swim when he was in prep and he can play the guitar!"
Last year we opted to part time homeschool to meet her growing needs but still allowing her to gain further social skills and friends at school. (no other school would allow us to enoll part time)
My daughter has been at this school for 4 years now and loves it, she has continued to be challenged, loves learning, happy socially and thriving!

Small schools with multi age classrooms can be a fantastic option for gifted kids.
Date: 19-October-2008 @ 2:10 pm
Rating: 3
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Author: lynkim1

Re: School Options for Gifted

Great to hear things have worked out so well for you and your daughter. I'm wondering how it works when she is the eldest at the school. My daughter who is in yr 7 and in a 5/6/7 class is so under stimulated that her work ethic is being changed because of a teacher that seems to view her as a nuisance. How did you negotiate the part time deal? Did you need to go through the education department
Date: 2-March-2011 @ 4:22 pm
Rating: 5
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Author: suseliz

Re: School Options for Gifted

Anyone can home school either part time or full time. Registration just involves filling in a basic form saying that to agree to teach them at home. There is more information here I registered my daughter as a home schooled student then pretty much told the School that is what we wanted to do...pointing out that it would be best for her “social skills” if she were continue to attend school part time. It was either that or I’d have to bring her home fulltime but that wouldn’t be fair on my daughter because she would have less opportunity to develop socially. (I found it works rather well if you address the schools concerns before they get a chance to bring them up and for some reason, schools always seem to be more concerned about their social skills than their education.) My daughter is now in grade 6. She still attends the same school part time. Last year I realised that there was a problem coming up. She was starting on year 10 maths and her knowledge and interest in Chemistry was at level that indicated she was ready for a little more than year 10 science. The only way to complete VCE is at a regular school. This was obviously going to be a problem. An 11 year old (who looks like a 7 or 8 year old) doing VCE in a public school??? It’s just not going to happen LOL. My son completed VCE through Distance Education but I knew her age would still be an issue. From previous experience I also knew that enrolment at DECV was not easy to get if you didn’t meet their criteria for distance or medical reasons UNLESS it was a “school referral” (I think this option is more often used for other reasons.) So… I brought it up with the school and suggested she could be enroled in year 10 math and science via The Distance Education Centre so they could provide her with work that she could complete at school. They liked the idea (again I pointed out the benefits of her staying at school for social reasons) A couple of weeks ago we had a successful meeting with her teacher, the principal, her psychologist, the regional manager from the DOE and someone from distance education and she is now “officially” enrolled in year 10 Maths and science through Distance Ed, part time enrolled in primary school and registered to home school. …Most importantly she is very happy. She gets to play with her friends (who are all different ages) and she get to learn more interesting stuff. She has already done a fair bit of year 10 Maths and the science is not really the level she needs but she is keen to get on with it anyway because she knows it will be recognised by the Education department and then they will have a hard time stopping her from continuing next year with the “more interesting” VCE level Chemistry Physics and Biology that she really wants to do.
Date: 2-March-2011 @ 6:48 pm
Rating: 0
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Author: lynkim1

Re: School Options for Gifted

We have found Hillcrest College on the Gold Coast has a great program for gifted children. If you refer to their website for introductory information.
Date: 3-July-2011 @ 10:32 pm
Rating: 2
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Author: gcfolks

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