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Hi, Ive read alot about how Montessori schools are a great alternative for gifted kids. Does anyone have any feeback? positive/negative?
Date: 19-October-2010 @ 8:11 am
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Author: whattodo

Re: Montessori

Hi, I agree with you too...Montessori school is the best school to send our gifted child to motivate their abilities and characters....
Date: 5-November-2010 @ 5:08 pm
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Author: cuinee

Re: Montessori

I would recommend Montessori. We sent our daughter there the day after turning 3 (for 5 mornings a week), by the end of one term, she could identify all the countries of the world, spell simple words, identify a variety of obscure animals and socialise with multiple age groups. The Montessori we sent her to also placed a huge emphasis on respect and courtesy too. With great regret (due to finances and locality) we changed schools 18 months later and were disappointed with expectations at a "regular" kindergarten. Since then she has been accelerated and another school change and is doing really well. Above average in schooling and socially as well. Montessori is a great choice, for long term but especially for early learning, as very few schools accommodate that for a gifted child ... they think they will be satisfied with play doh and sand pits.
Date: 5-January-2011 @ 12:52 am
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Author: Bron

Re: Montessori

Then again, if you want to broaden your gifted child beyond the scope of a single area, you would be wise to go with the Steiner/Waldorf system which encourages a broad 'encultureation', to develop empathy and social skills as well as scoring extremely well on academic performance ( contrary to some of the myths out there! Do some of your own research).
Date: 30-July-2011 @ 5:25 pm
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Author: Elise

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