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Would love some advice???

HI all would love some advice? So my 6 year old has always been extremely clever boy, started talking and using big words from young age. He has been having allot of issues at school with behaviour problems, and lashing out a few times at other kids due to them cutting him off while speaking or him thinking he is always right. i love my boy, but he is very hyperactive and overly confident. He has had allot to do with principal and she has said that in 30 years she has never came across a kid, like my boy. She said she has to remind herself that he is only 6. He doesn't like kids his own age, he never has. He prefers older kids, even more very smart adults. He seen a pediatrician for a sleep study as he doesn't sleep well, and had a sleep study done. I have been crying so much lately as he cant play with other kids, as I'm always having to watch him, he is always getting in trouble, for naghty behaviour. But if u ask him if he did something he will never lie and be completely honest. His memory is amazing, he taught himself to read and is doing well when he wants to learn, he also holds allot of knowledge in his lil brain. The principal was shocked to see his school work, she couldn't believe how poorly it was but when she gives him work it's harder and he smashes it. The peditirician said she thinks we should get his iq tested.. I was starting to think he had add!! I was really hoping not, but everything we were trying isnt working. She asked me to go to school and speak to the principle about getting iq tested and see I if we get in through the school, otherwise private but that can be costly. The principal agreed and straight away rang the school psychologist and we are waiting to hear back. Has anyone been through a school or privately? What is the best route to take, if I don't do something I feel like I'm going to go crazy. I just want to help him, he says things like I'm the worst kid in my school, no one likes me. I ask him who says that to you and he says know one I just know that. The thing is everyone loves him, but he just can't relate to kids his age. thanks!!
Date: 28-June-2016 @ 9:06 pm
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Author: tiana88

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