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Gifted Child with Spelling Issues


I am not sure where to turn and am hoping someone else out there has had the same experience and can offer some advice.

My 10 year-old son has been tested and is gifted. However, he has incredibly bad spelling. If he uses the same word multiple times in one paragraph, that word can be misspelled multiple ways (rather than keeping the same misspelling). His handwriting is also very bad.

He does fine in spelling tests (because he remembers the spelling for the test), but he doesn't apply the spelling knowledge to his usual work. He can read, and is a good reader. He reads every day. His grammar is fine too. However, if you were to read his work you would think that he needed to be in a remedial english class.

His normal school teacher for the past few years has said that she isn't concerned ... however his Gifted & Talented teacher has just expressed her very large concerns to me.

So which professional do I go and see? I need to get the issue diagnosed and be given information on how to fix the problem. We've done OT in the past for handwriting) and that didn't progress us very far.

All ideas are very welcome!!
Date: 19-May-2015 @ 2:56 pm
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Author: Feebeez

Re: Gifted Child with Spelling Issues

Hi there,

does he experience difficulty with the following???

Spelling Issues/Handwriting Issues

Has a hard time understanding spelling rules
Has trouble telling if a word is misspelled
Can spell correctly orally but makes spelling errors in writing
Spells words incorrectly and in many different ways
Has trouble using spell-check—and when he does, he doesn’t recognize the correct word
Mixes upper- and lowercase letters
Blends printing and cursive
Has trouble reading his own writing
Avoids writing
Gets a tired or cramped handed when he writes
Erases a lot

these are some of the symptoms of dysgraphia
ask for your child to be referred to the school counsellor
ask at the office or see the principal.
if it's not dysgraphia the counselor should be able to look into it for you
Date: 26-May-2015 @ 12:08 am
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Author: sonya1971

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