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To Test or Not to Test?

Hi everyone, I am new and found the site looking for resources on parenting emotionally intense gifted children. However, my five year old kindergartener has not been tested yet.... The school psych wants to test her which is fine, but I'm a little uneasy about doing because of the possibility of skewed results. See, she was deaf up until she was 18 months old and had grommets put in her ears, then again between 2 and 3 years old, so she was incredibly behind in language development. She has been undergoing a lot of speech therapy and working with an educational assistant at school to help her catch up and she has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. At her last appointment, the speech therapist told me she had caught up with the average for her group. However..... the teacher and EAs are frustrating me as they tell me she is overly emotional, hyperactive (labelled with ADHD), distractible and has difficulty socially. From a baby, she has always been this way. Her behaviour is 'me' as a child. I was identified as gifted very early on, however I did not have the development setbacks. I participated in the Gifted and Talented program at my school. I have gone on to University, industry and am now a teacher. I get labelled as 'too passionate', 'intense', 'full-on', and have been told I need to slow down as I'm always on the go. I only recently found Dabrowksi's Overexcitabilities and FINALLY have had an AHA moment - there is nothing wrong with me at all! I am a total perfectionist who is incredibly emotionally intense, constantly hyperactive and in sensory overload. She is exactly the same. She comes up with some profound comments and has insight into concepts above her level. She rarely sits still and multi-tasks constantly. She absorbs other peoples' burdens like an emotional sponge. She laughs and cries at the same time. A simple frown in her direction or a firm word can cause her to shatter and start crying. My parent's nicknamed her "Chandy" for chandelier because she is so fragile. I have been fretting about trying to build resilience in her because I am so frightened that she will experience the same emotional devastation I was subjected to by my peers at school, which has left scars to this day. At first I worried that she would be labelled as Bipolar as I have been, or as having an anxiety disorder. She often refuses to attempt work or to re-attempt work if it is not perfect, or if she makes a mistake the first time, or cries if she makes a mistake.
I am worried about getting her tested. I am worried that if it comes back lower due to her language problems, that she will be labelled. My husband is dyslexic as well which compounds issues. The teacher already pushed me to take her to a Paediatrician and wants me to contact Child and Adolescent Mental Health as they think she has an anxiety problem. She has an Educational Assistant with her to help her focus and overcome her perfectionist tendencies of not trying unless she gets it right the first time. But honestly, when you have 30 other kids running around and a plethora of visual, auditory and kinaethestic stimuli around the classroom; how could you expect a student who has a sensory overexcitability tendency to be able to concentrate? I am a teacher also, albeit of secondary school students, and it frustrates me how everyone seems to want to pigeonhole everything. They have tried to label her with ADHD, Aspergers, Bipolar and Anxiety and its getting ridiculous! What do I do other than tell them to back off? Should I get her tested? I'm not a huge fan of the School Psych as I work with her for my secondary students and I'm not convinced. Thanks for listening!
Date: 14-December-2012 @ 12:51 am
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Author: elliequinn

Re: To Test or Not to Test?

Oh I have been in your position!
I know this is an old post, but you need to do what you feel is right for you.
I took my son to Occupational Therapy, Paediatricians, doctors - you name it.
Then I had him tested and found out, yes, he is gifted,.
It's been the best decision
Good Luck
Date: 30-March-2015 @ 9:23 pm
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Author: little_one_1971

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