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schooling options in rural areas

After reading other parents' experiences with city schools and agonising over which school to send their child to, I'm left feeling envious of your choices! We recently shifted our 8yo gifted daughter from the local country primary school to one in another local town, together with her 6yo sister who, despite never having been tested is, I'm sure, more gifted than her older sister. Main reason for shifting was the eldest not fitting in socially, ongoing anxiety and moodiness, and appearing to be going backwards academically. The new school is very small and caring but therefore more composite classes and reluctance to extend bright kids beyond the confines of their classes due to social immaturity etc. There also seems to be a worship of the technology god with screens galore, but that's another issue. What are the options for gifted country kids apart from one parent moving into the nearest regional centre during the week or worse still into the state capital city?? Love to hear experience of others...
Date: 26-November-2012 @ 10:14 pm
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Author: janeb

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