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Lost ......

I am so lost on what to do with our son. A bit of background;

He started school last year (kindy - NSW). We had a lot of problems with him being disruptive & bored because the teacher wouldnt engage him. We ended up taking him to a child psychologist & had his IQ tested. His FSIQ was 103 but his General Language Component was was 152. This was very confusing in its self. We moved state at the start of the year & I intended to follow up but he settled into school & things have been going fairly smoothly. Until now - well he has always been really head strong & stubborn but now he just is getting worse. He is so angry & says things like "i want to kill myself" "i hate myself" etc etc. He is blantly defiant. He says that he just wants to do what he wants to do & often wants to just be left alone. I have made an appointment to talk to someone about his behaviour again but Im just wondering that even though his FSIQ is average I believe there is something - i dont know. Husband & I are at our wits end about what to do with him.

Anyone else going through this?? I think we need to get him assessed again & maybe speak to a counsellor.
Date: 12-September-2012 @ 9:23 pm
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Author: Shazz1

Re: Lost ......

Hi. I'm wondering if the child psychologist explained to you the significance of the difference between his Full Scale IQ and the Language Component. If not, or even if he/she did, contact the psychologist for more information. It's possible your child is twice exceptional, which means there is a significant difference between his learning abilities (e.g. gifted in one area, but not gifted another). If the psychologist isn't well versed in twice-exceptionality, start researching it yourself. Linda Silverman's book "Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual Spatial Learner" is an excellent resource in this area. NSWAGTC had copies a few years ago if you can't source it elsewhere. Kids who are twice exceptional often find early learning frustrating because they are aware of a significant difference in their abilities and it is confusing (e.g. why can I understand everything people say to me, and yet I find reading so difficult?). Your child's frustration could be due to several issues e.g. the majority of gifted kids are introverts and therefore find a school environment very stressful, it could be that his resilience is down as we are approaching the end of the term/year, it could be that he is yearning to learn certain things but can't do it in the school environment, etc etc. If you decide to take him to a psychologist in your new area, try to take him to someone who understands about giftedness (including twice-exceptionality) - don't assume that all child psychologists know about this!! I have two twice-exceptional boys, and we have found homeschooling a very rewarding alternative to the school system. It allows us to focus on their interests, at their own pace, and I support them when needed. I have found that now that I understand their learning needs, I am better able to discern what is stubbornness and what is frustration.
A final note, this will be a distressing time for you, but don't give up, you will know when you have the right information because things will "click". Keep loving him through this tough time, as you obviously are.
Date: 13-September-2012 @ 8:45 am
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Author: wendyharris

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