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Just wanted to add

In relation to my previous post with my daughters test scores my daughter was very tired on the day. We had to be at the clinic at 7am and she did both tests back to back with only 3 10 minute breaks inbetween. She kept complaining about how tired she was. Is this normal to do so much testing in one day?

My daughter is 8 years and 3 months old and in grade 3 in Qld. Also I forgot to post the age/year Eq. for her WIATT:

Word reading/ Age eq: 9:4 Year Eq. 4:3
Reading comprhension age eq 11:8/YE 6:8
Pseudoword/ Age eq 10:4/ 5:1
Numerical operations/ Age eq 6: year eq 1:9
Maths reasoning Age Eq 7:8 Year eq 2:8
Date: 2-August-2012 @ 11:18 am
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Author: notsure

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