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question about test results


I had my daughter tested by an educational psycologist and she wasn't able to give her an IQ due to her lack of ability in maths which is why I had her tested. The test results suggest that she doesn't fall into the gifted range but is high average. However there seems to be a big difference in her abilities and I was wondering if someone could shed light on her results and if she has a LD. Also according to what I have copied below from a woman called Helen Dowland I did not have the best test done on her. What is your view. Here are her results:

VCI 112/percentile 79%
PRI 110/75%
WMI 102/55%
PSI 91/27%

Similarities raw 18 scaled 12/75%
vocabularly raw 33 scaled 14/91%
comphrehension raw 19 scaled 11/63%

Block design 26/11/63%
Picture concept 17/11/63%
Matrix 21/13/84%

Working memory
Digit span 13/10/50%
letter-number squencing 16/11/63%

Processing speed
Coding 29/9/37%
synbol search 13/8/25%

For her Wiat11:

Word reading 82%
reading comprehension 90%
pseudoword decoding 81%
numerical op. 12%
maths reasoning 42%

Her composite score for reading is 118 while the tester gave her a predicted score (what she should be achieving according to her cognitive abilities, of 109)

Do her scores suggest a LD? Also she appears to be close to a superior in her reading, verbal etc so should I be asking the teacher for extension work for her. She finds her school work very dull and does her own creative writing at home. She is intensely focused on things she is interested in and highly creative with ideas that just seem to comsume her for many hours at a time.

thanks for any advice

experience has taught me that IQ tests are not infallible, and that there are children who are clearly gifted, who don't score highly on their IQ test. (The term "clearly gifted" is hard to explain succinctly - basically it means a child who is clearly able to do many things that are usually only done by much older children. Also see the page "How do I know if my child is gifted?") In recent years the problem with IQ tests has mostly been due to the use of out-dated or inappropriate IQ tests, because a modern test that was appropriate for gifted children wasn't available (see the explanation on the page "Testing Gifted Children"). Since 2005 the new Stanford Binet 5 test has been available, and this is the only test that should now be used for gifted children; parents should ask insistantly for this test, in order to require psychologists to move on from the much-used WISC-III, which was never appropriate to test gifted children (again, see "Testing Gifted Children").
Date: 2-August-2012 @ 10:42 am
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