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Confusing test result.. What to do!

Hi everyone, first post and boy do we need some advice. I have twin boys aged 9 and one has always been way ahead in everything , developmental milestones , schools etc . He was tested 2.5 years ago as he scored in top 1% in standard testing.. His IQ was not done but basically we were told he was gifted and approx 3 years ahead of his peers. He took part in some gifted extra curricular programmes and finally started to enjoy learning. Up to this point he , while well behaved found school easy and unmotivating. He's quite shy however and just did what had to be done in order to be perceived as ' normal'. All was going fine until we moved here 4 months ago. He started in year 4 in quite a disruptive noisy class. He knew no one and stuck to his brother. They get on well but have been in different classes since year 1 as his brother while scoring high average was constantly putting himself down when comparing his work. He has thrived since being seperated actually they both have! Unfortunately there has been a huge decline since starting at this school, he doesn't seem Interested at all and it's an effort to get him even to read now. When we asked him to do some programmes with GATEWAYS he sobbed . He said he hated being the smart kid and wants to just be like the other kids. :( We decided to have them both assessed by independent psychologist . Twin 1 scored as predicted high average across the board no surprises. Twin 2 however scored all over the place, so much so that the psychologist was puzzled by the discrepancy !! His speed of leaning was 99.8 % yet his perceptual reasoning was 25-50 % his verbal comprehension wa 98% yet social judgement 50% . This affected his IQ scoring only 113. She rated him at 6 years ahead in some subjects yet 12 months behind in others. Can personality affect scores?? Like I said he's very shy and she reports he became quite anxious when asked anything challenging so 'passed' rather then guessing. Where does this leave us with approaching the school? If going in IQ he hardly qualifies for extension? He's really not bothered about school and we need to re engage him. Anyone offer any advice? Any suggestions for schools on the mornington peninsula , VIC that may help him .... Thanks
Date: 1-June-2012 @ 10:07 pm
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Author: Moldec

Re: Confusing test result.. What to do!

Gifted children are not all the same. Some gifted kids are "twice-exceptional", i.e., gifted with some learning difficulties. This will cause their testing scores to zig-zag up and down, scoring high on some things and low on others. For example, a child could be a gifted visual-spatial learner, but have problems with processing speed or with processing verbal information. A twice-exceptional child should not be judged by overall IQ score, rather, the individual scores for different tests should be reported. Also, lots of things affect testing scores - "personality", perfectionism, and just having a bad day. You could try explaining all of this to the school, or you could look at alternatives e.g. homeschooling. Homeschooling allows children to excel in what they are good at, and not be judged by their weaknesses. I believe it is an excellent option for these wonderful "out of the box" children. Do lots of your own research before you decide on anything!! Good luck and enjoy the journey!
Date: 3-June-2012 @ 4:29 pm
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Author: wendyharris

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