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Received test results, now more confused than ever

I got my daughter's results from the Educational Psychologist. Her test results are extremely asynchronous. For example working memory 96th decile but 16th decile for processing speed. Her age equivalent functioning averaged 12 years, 2 months - she was 7 years 4 months when tested. Digit span tested at 16 years 2 months. I have booked an appointment with the principal, class teacher, psych & me to discuss the results, but I am really confused what it means.

I do not perceive my child to be twice exceptional. I also think the WISC IV is a valid testing instrument. She is quite capable of completing things quickly when motivated, I would not say she was below average in this department, but she certainly measured that way on the test. She does have significant levels of anxiety and day dreaming. Can anyone suggest what may be going on for her? Also any tips of what to bring up in the meeting would be helpful.

The report states she is probably bored at school.
Date: 7-May-2011 @ 6:51 pm
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Author: Oxymoron

Re: Received test results, now more confused than ever

Perhaps the test was just not the right way for her to show her abilities to their fullest. Also, slow processing speed could mean that she has thought into things a lot. I am really unsure if I am right, as I am not even aware of such testing, however these are my suggestions. WHy do you need a meeting with the principal? Is it due to the low processing speed or the advanced other areas? Have you known she was gifted for a while or is this new to you?
Date: 9-May-2011 @ 8:28 am
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Author: Windmill

Re: Received test results, now more confused than ever

Have you considered having your daughter checked out for hypersensory disorder? My son is gifted with hypersensory disorder. He has always been very clever at home, reading simple books early, finishing 100 piece puzzles in less than ten minutes, putting together lego for ages years beyond his own. His reading at home is at least four levels higher than what they state he gets in school. His gifted test results were similar to those you mention here but his processing speed was 66 centile, and working memory was 99 centile. He also has high levels of anxiety and day dreaming, particulary in high sensory enviroments. The school environment is very sensory which is why it is difficult for him to consentrate and achieve his potential in the school environment. He now recieves occupational therapy for his hypersonsory stuff and it has helped a lot. It might be worth checking out.
Date: 30-December-2011 @ 11:46 pm
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Author: Adrury

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