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Huge Testing Discrepancy

You have all been so helpful to me and I hope you don't mind me asking a few more queries. I was wondering if anyone has been in this position or could shed light on the following now we have conducted iq and achievement test as well.

My DS IQ test results on WISC -

Verbal - 98th percentile
Perceptual 99th percentile
Working Memory 44th percentile
Processing Speed 60th percentile

Fast forward to his achievement test which was a combination of the Neale Analysis and WIAT. Whilst cannot give you exact scores (as only shown verbally, report not issued). Everything (even Maths what i perceived to be a great strenght of my son's) fell in the average range. Apparently, spelling was the worst with most sub-scores around 40th to 48th percentle. Reading and writing did not fare much better and maths just spot on around average. To be honest, this reflects the 'nose-dive' in his grades (grade 3) this year. He has always avoided reading and writing tasks - the psych said that it was painful to watch his writing and she did not even get him to write the last paragraph as he was so distressed at the thought. Also in the maths he got fairly simple addition and subtraction wrong - stuff he used to do really well at in grade one and 2 - it looked almost careless, impulsive and like he didn't check his work. With one "8 X timetable" apparently he simply said 'too hard' I'll just guess. I know at school he does like to get "tests over and one with as quickly as possible" and hates writing as it takes way too long.

Has anyone any ideas - any thoughts from experience? The word "dyslexic" was mentioned. The psych seemed very concerned by the results and said that he needs significant help and how frustrated he must be.

He gets very concerned his little sister will "catch up with him" and perhaps supersede him in what he sees as his good areas (ie. maths).

From a now VERY confused mother. ANy input (any at all) gratefully appreciated!

Date: 18-September-2008 @ 11:13 am
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Author: Tra2008

Re: Huge Testing Discrepancy

Hi there, It sounds like your son is "Twice exceptional" or "2e". This means he is gifted, but he also has learning difficulties or differences, causing him to underachieve in relation to his intelligence potential. Another term for this is also "Gifted Learning Disabled" or "GLD". Try looking at this website for more details:

I suggest you take your son to a developmental pediatrician for further assessment. You will be able to ascertain what types of learning difficulties he has, including ADD/ADHD. His impulsivity and lack of attention to detail could be caused by this.

I hope this info helps & good luck with it all!

Date: 28-October-2008 @ 6:21 pm
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Author: samko5501

Re: Huge Testing Discrepancy

His verbal score was good so not sure about Aspergers (check this though). His self esteem issues could indicate a learning disability so further testing might be a good idea. He is under achieving and this needs to be addressed for his self esteem and further education.

He could have dysgraphia or other learning disability

or he could be becoming increasingly frustrated with low order thinking tasks, including putting his ideas into writing and basic math. If he could do it when he was younger, there is either something going on to make his cognition deteriorate (which should be identified); he has one or more learning disabilities or he needs more complex maths questions.

You might be able to test this yourself by giving him a little lesson in algebra (for example) and seeing if he picks it up. If he does then it is probably the work is too simple and he's turning off. If he finds it too hard or has no interest opt for further testing.

Date: 13-November-2008 @ 4:03 pm
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Author: Rosie

Re: Huge Testing Discrepancy

I had a similar concern with my son’s results. I found some very useful information that addresses this very issue here… It seems that this type of result happens often within the gifted population.
Date: 2-March-2011 @ 7:10 pm
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Author: lynkim1

Re: Huge Testing Discrepancy

Try hypersensory disorder
Date: 1-January-2012 @ 11:31 pm
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Author: Adrury

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