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gifted 15 month old or just bright

Like others, I found this website while looking for some info on gifted babies as I have come to think if my baby is gifted or just smart.
Is there any way to find it out?
She is very advanced in some criteria and hits milestones very early and in other areas only a few month earlier than norms.
As a newborn she was very curious about her environment and when she was 3 days old when I hugged her and put her face on my shoulder she picked her head up for a few seconds looked around and put the other side of her face on my shoulder even though She wasn't physically strong, Only 5.5 pounds. I always felt like she had her own character and wasn't like a little baby you always see.
She started walking by me holding her hands at 8 months, then crawled at 10 months, took her first steps at 12 months and finally walked full time at 14 months. She never had a major fall because she always holds herself by her hands while falling down even backward. Can kick a ball, throw it underarm, bend on her knees to take toys, goes backward when opening the dish washers door, can open the doors while taking one step to her right to prevent her toes being stuck under the door, and once she climbed the sink and could actually see inside it. I was amazed by her strength.
In language, she understands the 2 languages i am talking to her very well and her dad's language a little slower. At 12 months her receptive vocabulary was 130 words in total. I cannot count them now. She doesn't say a word though.
She can point to 11 body parts on herself and some of them on toys. Has learned to feed every animal what they eat.
Learned my mother tongue's phonics at 12 months which i actively taught her. Well the thing that makes me DOUBT she is gifted is that I have been spending all my time with her and teaching her while playing. I prepared a lot of materials for this purpose through all my pregnancy like felt letters, felt food, etc. As I read on others comments gifted kids learn on their own. So I think mine is just smart and learns well. Am I right?
Well now i saw something else last week which made me doubtful again. She knew english phonics too. And also numbers 0 to 9. I tested her with uppercase letters and she knows almost all of them. I tried a and b lower case and she picked them right. Didn't try the rest. But again she has been watching phonics videos on youtube almost every day plus numbers and a lot more. So maybe with a ready brain prior due to my mother tongue's phonics her brain was just ready for it. As you can see i am really confused. She also tries to count things when i ask her and loves to listen to books and songa about letters and numbers. Sometimes she notices a word written on a toy or something and shows them to me. She can also understand similarities sometimes. For example 2 months ago she noticed that the buttons on her drum are star shaped and took my attention and pointed to them and then to the star shapes on the wall.
Thank you for reading this long message. I hope I can get some help.
Date: 12-November-2018 @ 11:18 am
Rating: 1
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Status: Approved
Author: Denizmyhappiness

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