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IQ and New to group

Hi everyone, I'm new to the group and I have a 6 year old daughter who is in Prep. I've had to keep pressing her teacher to find out what she is doing for my daughter. I've finally managed to get her teacher to test her, and she has said that DD is working at end of Year 2 level in all areas. Now, I have seen some posts about IQ testing, but no one seems to have shared how you get this done. Where? Online, or by someone? I live in Eastern Victoria and would like to know whether it's worth having my daughter IQ tested, or not. Some direction would be helpful!
Date: 15-September-2015 @ 6:35 am
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Author: leelaughter

Re: IQ and New to group

Hi Leelaughter
your school should have a school counsellor and you can contact the principal and ask to have it done for free. I paid for my son to be tested ($600) so you can save the money and ask for it to be done at school. remember though the IQ test is not the be all and end all of knowing if you child is gifted. there are other identification methods. let me know how you get on
Date: 24-November-2015 @ 1:14 am
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Author: sonya1971

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