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At wits end with 8 yr old!

Hi guys,

Our boy is 8 years old. He is about to be tested in April to see if he is gifted. He has been tested twice for ADHA, Autsim etc etc. THey keep saying he is an "odd ball" and although he displays some symptoms, not enough to be on the actual spectrum of any conditions.
He is really kicking off at school now. Hitting out at techers (never pupils) swearing and refusing to work. No matter what they try he just keeps saying he wants to be expelled, hates school, hates himself.
THis only happens in school. Hes fine at home, childminder never had a prob and fine with other kids etc.
Anybody else going through the same?
Date: 14-February-2013 @ 7:39 pm
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Author: perthparents

Re: At wits end with 8 yr old!

You ought consider doing a complete physical on your child to see if there are any health related problems
Date: 29-April-2013 @ 11:32 am
Rating: 0
Views: 2016
Status: Approved
Author: jorgea

Re: At wits end with 8 yr old!

I agree with Jorgea. have him assessed until you get a proper diagnosis. it's so important to get the right support. good luck!
Date: 12-May-2013 @ 12:17 am
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Status: Approved
Author: little_one_1971

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