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Not sure if I should even be here

Bit stunned and lost still after getting WPPSI results. Could someone please help me to interpret if in fact my son is in need of more or if he's just bright and will benefit form the usual things like any other kid.
I had him tested when he turned 3 due to my PND i was afraid it had somehow delayed his development. There was a lot of tv and not a great deal of enriching activities happening during that time. I've since been receiving excellent treatment so feel much better but of course was concerned for my son. Anyway he did the WPPSI and it came back in the high average overall but one area general language composite was very superior. It was suggested another language be introduced and see how he goes. Any advice on what it all means and if anything is needed at all would be great. Does it mean he is gifted in language? or just has more potential in that area than others?
Date: 24-February-2013 @ 12:39 pm
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Author: Ia

Re: Not sure if I should even be here

Hi Ia

Shame that more people don't use this site.
I noticed that the courses were very outdated.
as for your child and the results you should have asked
the person who ran the test to clarify for you.

Date: 27-February-2013 @ 11:12 pm
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Author: little_one_1971

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