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Hi member with a gifted child

My six year old son was assessed yesterday and after two years of knowing that he was talented and possibly gifted, it was confirmed with an iq of 138 and put in the 99th percentile for his age group. So what now I ask??? The school he is in will follow the report with ideas provided by the psychologist but it is up to me at home to support him. Even though he has a high iq, he has terrible behavioural issues. Anyone would look at him and think he had ADHD. Without knowing what he can achieve academaically, I can't blame people for thinking that. But put him with a pen and paper and let him draw out the ideas in his head, he is well ahead of his years. He is gifted in the area of art also so that is my out let...let him draw when ever possible. How do you continuously keep his brain motivated yet at the same time let him be a normal six year old. Unfortunately with live in a regional area so its hard to find support and others who understand and can offer services. I always thought how lucky we were to have a child so bright, I never knew it would be so challenging. I have been told that an above average achiever is as challenging as a below average achiever. I have to agree. And he doesn't even know how smart he is. I would love to hear from anyone with a gifted child and ideas on how they support them at home. I would love to hear from people who understand the life of a gifted child. Thanks in advance....
Date: 3-November-2012 @ 9:32 pm
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Author: ljday

Re: Hi member with a gifted child

I am a new member too, I just joined today, and I can understand what you mean when you say it is not easy having a bright child, and supporting them on a daily basis. My daughter, now twelve was assessed at about the same age and while well behaved at school, her behaviour at home was very active and strong minded, we went through the stage of thinking ADHD too. Books are what saved our sanity and kept her occupied -at one stage she had over 1000 ,(along with 20 library books every week or two.) It seems like a lot but she can read a 500 page book in a couple of hours. Activities like origami are fun, again it wasn't unusual for her to make 50 or so in one sitting! Exhausting to watch.Going for walks and collecting leaves, sticks, flowers ,shells . We invited friends over to play, being an only child she needed this, but as she has become older she is not really that social. Her school accelerated her a year, but socially this did a lot of damage, the principal was adamant this was the right thing to do, in hindsight I would of insisted no. As it turned out she repeated to fit back in. As far as behaviour goes the best advice I can give (unfortunately I never realised this until about a year ago ! ) is don't give in to demands or say no then go back on what you've said. Bright children often are very good at manipulating parents, my daughter's behaviour improved once I learned not to give in. I have learned not to argue back and forth and she respecting my calmer approach to parenting. I hope this helps and don't worry, just do the best you can, quite often my daughter just had to be bored and she's turned out ok. She just won a 6 year scholarship and also was offered a place at a high achieving selective school ( which she turned down). I hope this helps just knowing there are other parents going through similiar experiences ...and surviving!
Date: 24-November-2012 @ 12:34 am
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Author: lizzy28

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