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Newbie dealing with critics

Hello all! I'm new to this site so thought I'd introduce myself and chat with like minded parents :)
I have a 2.5 yo boy who is incredibly bright. My husband and I are starting to notice indirect criticism from other parents, even family members. It is hurtful as it feels like others can share how much of a good dancer/performer/climber/runner their child is, but we get ignored and even ridiculed by people and told we are bragging or showing off if talking about our son's intelligence. It's almost isolating! Even a potential 3yo kinder teacher had the audacity to judge us. 
We are seeing a psych this week then do an IQ test at our next appointment. I'll list some of the things our son can do below. Any advice as to what to bring to the psych appointment would be very helpful. 
Well that's us. Family of three. Very loving and happy we are! 

He can recite his fav books word for word. 
He knows & identifies correctly green, yellow, pink, purple, brown, red, blue, white, aqua, black, silver.
He can rote count beyond 30.
He can count by 2's beyond 20.
He can count backwards from 10.
He can read digits 0-100 in and out of sequence. He can read the numbers 200,300,400....900, 1000 (ten hundred), 1100.....1900 read as 19 hundred. I've never taught him this. He knows what 100 is so used his knowledge about numbers to read numbers in the thousands.
He knows upper and lower case of the alphabet in any font and knows all their sounds. 
We play eye spy.
He can tell me words that start with any letter.
He has always loved stories. He could turn board book pages one at a time by 7months. He could turn pages of paper pages from about 18 months without missing pages.
He could identify animals and make their noises early on. 
Could point to body parts nose, eyes etc. before 12 months.
He knows body parts like neck, knee, elbow, penis.
He has an incredible memory for names. We have a MASSIVE family and he remembers their names. He can even group ppl together. Eg: uncle x, aunty X, & their child/ren. He knows they go together iykwim. He went to family day care a few times last year and saw "Amy" once and remembered her name months later. He knows his swimming instructor by name, and his past swimming instructor from term 2 last year.
He's quite articulate. He can say  4 and some 5 syllable words with ease. Eg caterpillar. 
He is constructs sentences.
When listening to CDs he knows what song is next. In old macdonald on cd he knows what animal comes next. If its the wiggles and captain feathersword and Sam both sing for example, or all of them, he can identify who's voice it is. He knows and can sing and remember so many songs. 
He loves music. He even 'knows' what music is eg: musical notes. He knew sheet music was 'music'
He can read. If a poster or book or something says 17 and has a pic of ducks, he'll say "17 ducks".
He can count beyond 10 things using 1-1 correspondence. 
He can spell his name and nearly last name. He can read about 10 words maybe more.
He knows shapes and asks me to draw them all the time. He knows the basic shapes + pentagon, hexagon, octagon, trapezium, oval, kite, diamond, scalene triangle, isosceles triangle, parallelogram ...
He remembers characters in his fav shows like lightening McQueen etc.
He is great in social settings. Makes eye contact, greets and farewells ppl appropriately, if anything above what's expected for his age.
He has exceptional manners.
He throws the odd tanty, but nothing extreme. 
He has a very close bond with DH and I. Next in line are his grandparents.
He is not on a strict routine at all. He is one of the most flexible, happy go lucky toddlers I know. 
He sleeps through, has done from 2 weeks. He had a month of upset but then by 11 months he's slept 12-15 hours. He sleeps anywhere. Pram. Nanna's. On holidays. The transition from cot to bed was a sinch. Not one little problem. He looooves sleep.
He crawled conventionally at 10 months, 3 weeks 6 days (a day before 11 months)
He walked 17.5 months
He sat unassisted at 5 months.
His fine motor skills are age appropriate. 
His gross motor skills are catching up but I'd say about 3-5 months behind. He can run and climb but is cautious in doing so and is getting better.
DS began solids at 4 months 1 week. Took to it like a champ! Was slow to handle chunks as he'd gag and spew. Or just gag.
He loves swimming and has done it since 6 months of age.
Hmmm I think I've given you everything I can think of.
Oh, he was 8 days late, induced. 5:22 hour labour. Suction delivery. Normal colour. Apgar test 9&9 then when repeated 9&9. 
He's been playing imaginatively for quite a while.
He likes to take turns. Eg at dinner he likes us all to have a turn drinking from his drink bottle. We all pretend. Sometimes I say no thank you. He whines slightly but is easily distracted and over it. 
He plays really well with other children his age and older. 
He's got a great attention span. 
He can play on his own for ages but also loves to be interacted with. 
No obsessions.
He said his first word, "fish" at about 7 months. 
He was an incredibly alert newborn. More so than other newborns. He didn't have big sleeps till he was older. He'd scream at about 7-12 weeks of age on occasion when out and about. I think he was over stimulated.

Date: 19-August-2012 @ 10:35 pm
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Author: Mummy2CJ

Re: Newbie dealing with critics

I found Ruf estimates for levels of giftedness in very young children very interesting and informative. Check it on the web.

My daughter, now a happy, successful adult (IQ over 160), started learning to read at 13 months just by watching and listening to books being read to her. She had read all the Mr Men books by her 2nd birthday without ever sounding out a word.

She made people's eye pop out at times but most people accepted her. One exception was a preschool teacher who told me off for teaching her to read. If it was that easy to teach a child to read there would be no need for remedial reading!

My advice would be to ensure that your precious little boy learns to play and enjoy the company of other children too as this is so important for good mental health.

I hope the evaluation went well and that you keep in touch.

Date: 21-August-2012 @ 12:28 am
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Author: NonnaHelen

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