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Hi everyone!

What a great website. I have a 5 year old son who appears to be profoundly gifted. He is at a local public school in preprimary. The school saw it straight away and have put him on a wait list to be iq tested but they are not sure how long this will take. They said they would implement a programme for him but it is not advanced enough. We are not quite sure what to do and I would love to hear from anyone that might have been through this before. Maybe I could get an iq test done independently although im not sure what is this going to achieve? His maths skills are at high school level as is his art ability and general knowledge/reasoning. He has an almost total recall type of memory so seems to be able to learn and retain almost anything. He is very social, sense of humor etc. There doesn't seem much point putting him up a year as it wouldn't make a huge difference and I would be worried about him socially to put him up too far. At the moment we are tutoring him out of school hours to keep him interested and school is pretty much just for social interaction. I would love to get any advice. Seems like such a wonderful gift but knowing what to do is hard! My daughter is extremely bright and I have an iq of over 145 but we are nothing like my son who seems to be on a whole other level. Appreciated feedback.
Date: 31-July-2012 @ 4:28 pm
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Author: Anabel

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