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Hi everyone!

Hi my name is Tracey and i have 2 children, recenlty my 3 1/5 year old was assessed by our pead and i was informed that he suspects that she has a "superior perceptual cognitive ability" i took her in because i was concered that she may have been delayed as she hsas a slight expressive speech delay and her brother who is 8 years old has Autism and Moderat ID , my question to you all is " does anyone else have a child with a speech delay that has shown to be gifted, my daughter has hyerlexia , she loves to spell words in particular but she is also very good at counting, has memorised all shapes and colors (even otogon, pentagon etc. any advice would be very appreciated, i would also like to know when would be the earliest an IQ test could be performed our doctor want one done at 5 years of age.
Date: 20-July-2012 @ 1:33 pm
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Author: Tracey

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