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Hi and Free Gifted Resources Site :)


My name's Kate and I have a dd9 and a ds8. After finding the social and emotional needs of gifted kids to be different to that of regular children, I set up a group where gifted children can meet and have fun once a month in Perth, WA. I also have a website which is still currently in progress, but it has a heap of resources all about gifted children and adults too :). I'd love for any suggestions of articles or info that you find helps you and your family, so please stop by and say 'hi' :). If you live near Perth please also feel free to request more info about our social get together so likeminded children can catch up.

Date: 22-June-2012 @ 1:49 am
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Author: katebee

Re: Hi and Free Gifted Resources Site :)

Thanks Kate. Only had chance for a 5 minute look so far but have bookmarked it for a more thorough read later. It looks great, very visual, approachable style of writing and some great links attached.
Date: 22-June-2012 @ 1:13 pm
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Author: threebee

Re: Hi and Free Gifted Resources Site :)

Yay :). Thanks for checking it out. We had a very bumpy introduction to gifted so just thought I'd put all the reading I'd done together to make it easily accessible for others. If you have any articles that helped you I'd love to add them :).
Take care :)
Date: 22-June-2012 @ 2:33 pm
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Author: katebee

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