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Offering help to parents of gifted kids

Hi everyone. I'm a gifted person myself, as is my brother. I have a gifted child, now quite grown up at 27, and I have also had extensive experience teaching gifted children in both selective high schools (where I experienced extensive professional development in gifted education thanks to Miraca Gross) and in Early Childhood settings.

I just wanted to offer you guys a resource; I have my own ECE blog called 'Aunt Annie's Childcare' at where you can find several posts about giftedness in early childhood. You can also communicate with me via my Facebook page- just search for Aunt Annie's Childhood, like the page and then message me.

While many of my posts refer to the gifted child, here are the 'big three':

This resource is really a parenting and teaching resource. I am a nuts and bolts person, interested more in the psychology and behaviour issues than in the academic advancement side of things.

Hope you will find these articles helpful!
Date: 27-May-2012 @ 10:13 am
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Author: auntannie

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