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Hi Newbie of a bright boy

Hi, I'm new to concept of gifted and talented and I'm searching for information, advice from people who have been on the journey, support and just some other people to talk to about cool things our kids can do and have done without getting flamed or frowned upon. We have a 5yo boy who was having behaviour issues in prep and was being punished for not listening or paying attention. His teacher labeled him as a trouble maker in the first 5 weeks and he was therefore treated appropriately. He was only 4.5. Because he was a fluent reader and great at Mathis I suggested he may need a little more stimulation then the other kids. Bad move, my suggestion made the situation so much worse. We decided to ride out prep at the private school we had chose and hoped year one would be better. Naive me... Year one term one was worse. Our son was being bullied by the teachers. I finally convienced my husband to agree to testing to see where there might be any serious issues. What a major surprise. His iq was way off the chart. Poor kid was bored out of his brain. What now? Where can we turn to for advice? Thank you in advance for sharing any info you can.
Ps we also have a 4yo following in his brothers footsteps
Date: 6-April-2012 @ 12:18 am
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Author: Gcmum

Re: Hi Newbie of a bright boy

When my son was diagnosed as highly gifted I asked the psychologist who did the testing about private vs public schools. She said that did not matter - what mattered was the attitude of the teachers. So true - my 7 year old is in grade 1 at a State school which does 'zoning' which means that kids are tested in various subjects to see where they lie on the spectrum. They call this identifying the child's 'point of learning need'. This has enabled my son to do grade 2 maths but grade 1 writing, etc. I think it is still in trial stages across a few public schools and it is great because 'giftedness' does not stick out like a sore thumb - it is accepted that he is just further along the learning spectrum than some other kids. I have never mentioned to the school his test results because I didn't want his very young teachers to feel nervous or threatened - so far this has worked.
Date: 19-April-2012 @ 11:28 pm
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Author: Naz

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