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is she gifted? what next?

My daughter is 3. As many of you have mentioned, she has similar traits. Our very experienced early childhood nurse suggested to me that our daughter was gifted. She is super sensitive, hold incredible conversations, retains memory of event, place and content. She was quick to start to speak, but that could be normal. She prefers adult company and actually flourishes. Has been super difficult to settle into any childcare, she gets bored and is not great at setting boundaries with kids her own age. She is a super poor sleeper and the nurse suggests that this may be related to the fact that she is an over thinker. She feels confident she will see our daughter on TV one day achieving great things. I would just like to know how to best meet her needs and give her what she needs. Should i test? who do i see in Sydney? what other advantages would there be to have her tested? thanks
Date: 11-February-2011 @ 11:21 pm
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Author: yippyyippy

Re: is she gifted? what next?

HI Your daughter sounds similar to my kids. I have a son who is 8 and was tested last year and a 2 1/2 year old daughter who i will be getting tested in a couple of years. Basically I had my son tested so that I would be better heard by his school teachers. Last year they were happy to lump him in with the other kids and he was unchallenged, not learning anything and bored. When I had the report from the psychologist to show them it was a wake up call and they finally took notice of me. I always knew that he was gifted and worked at home to provide games and experiences that would stimulate him to grow in his own way. He also over thinks about things and is a worrier and perfectionist. He gets stressed easily. I monitor what he is exposed to to a point, such as I don't watch the news when my kids are around because its mostly all gloom and doom, but I explain things as much as I can too. Unfortunately I think its a trait that can be difficult to get around. I have found that just being there and listening or having a cuddle works wonders. My son still keeps thinking but is knows that he will be alright. From my perspective I haven't really seen the need to get him tested except to help his teacher provide a better education for him. My daughter who is also likely to be gifted and is showing alot of the same early developmental skills as her brother did. She counts, adds up numbers, talks fluently, knows colours, shapes and alphabet. I plan to have tested once she has started school after talking with the psychologist that tested my son. Her opinion was that the kids find it easier to sit the test and more information found after they have started school because they are more used to the structure of testing, it isnt as strange to them. That is not to say don't do it sooner, the report that I was given afterwards was really helpful, for my son's teachers at school but there were also alot of good ideas about how to stimulate and assist my son at home. I hope this helps
Date: 22-March-2011 @ 10:13 pm
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Author: sarahw

Re: is she gifted? what next?

Isn't it sad that we have to put kids through hoops to 'prove' they're gifted before anyone does anything to help them?

One of my life aims is to help educate teachers about how to recognise giftedness without having to get a piece of paper in their hand, and then how to understand it and strategise around it. The level of ignorance is astounding.
Date: 27-May-2012 @ 11:27 am
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Author: auntannie

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