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Results are in...

We finally heard back about the IQ test my 4 1/2 year old had last week. She tested in the average range and is therefore not gifted, not even in the 'bright' classification. I am really surprised. I am not one to think my child is advanced for no reason. I work with young children and have a very clear picture of what is and isn't normally seen at certain ages. I don't yet have the report but look forward to getting more of an idea of what it included and areas of my daughter's strengths and weaknesses in the next few days.

Any thoughts? Has anyone had the same thing happen?

I'm feeling lots of different emotions. There is frustration that I've spent the money without needing to but relief that school and life in general my be easier for her than I had imagined. I don't mind that she isn't but have lost confidence in my judgement and also now feel at a loss for the cause of the problems we are currently experiencing.

The IQ test did show that she is experiencing a great deal of anxiety so now this is what we are going to be working on with the child psychologist. Maybe that's all it is.
Date: 26-June-2012 @ 3:01 pm
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Author: threebee

Re: Results are in...

Hi Treebee,
Don't know if you're likely to check this again but hope so.
Hope you decided to get a 'second opinion'...
Aside from the early milestones you mentioned (somewhere else) even the anxiety is a 'hallmark' of a highly gifted child.
If you read through some of the characteristics of G kids (a comprehensive checklist is in the SA Govt policy on Gifted Education) I bet you'd be ticking a LOT of boxes.
It's really important - cause if she isn't catered for at school (er, incidentally, I'm home schooling now) you'll both go through a lot of unnecessary crap - and she'll lose her passion for learning. YOU DO know her best.
Date: 29-September-2012 @ 3:20 pm
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Author: Celeste

Re: Results are in...

Just wondering what the problems are that you are having? Our DD is the same age and we thought she was just bright, not gifted as her older brother (with ASD) seemed to pass milestones sooner and be a lot more curious, asking more in depth questions.

I had a lot of trouble with him at 3 and 4 if I didn't spend time extending him during the day. DD on the other hand has had to sit through the same jolly phonics program at kindy three times over (when her group finished there was nothing for her but free play time while another group took their turn for the month), because she was upset that it was over so they let her join in the other groups. Seriously I have seen the same line tracing worksheets come home several times over despite my asking for them (repeatedly and in writing) to give her letter tracing worksheets when the others trace lines! She is showing signs of boredom with the activity (getting sloppy, doing them quickly), but nowhere near the issues I had with DS everyday if I didn't give him something stimulating to play with/learn.

We had her tested simply to get her a head start to school to give her time to settle in on her own before her brother returns to the school from his autism intervention program and likely to dominate her playtimes restricting her from mixing with peers. She turned out to be in the superior range, which was kind of a surprise as she is good at hiding it.

We have problems with her pushing her brothers buttons for the reaction, which is difficult, but I figured could be the behaviour of any younger sibling of a child with a disability - she doesn't get to be the baby, as he needs so much attention sometimes. She is often left to do things for herself because he needs more assistance than her.
Date: 29-June-2013 @ 8:10 am
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Author: HappyKids

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