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Diagnosing a child

My 3 year old son has been in daycare this year. He is an only child and has little interaction with children outside of daycare (where he attends 2 days a week). The teachers have brought to our attention his behaviour. He doesn't share, but will snatch at toys, sometimes pushing or hitting others if toys are taken from him or he wants them. He is constantly tired, and when he get extremely tired he will cry and squeal. He goes at 'a million miles per hour'. He won't sit still for long and will get up from his spot to do other activities. At home we see another side - yes he is very active. He does get tired, but will have a little lay on the lounge (often after a cry) and then say 'I'm better now'. He loves to play outside, build, play lego, pull things apart (to see how they work). He speaks very well - often asking questions and can distinguish feelings easily i.e. Mummy are you annoyed? And 'How was your day dad?' 'Drive carefully dad'. He likes to chat on the phone. He is always asking questions - can count to 10 (using one-to-one correspondence), knows some alphabet, can almost write his name (3 letters). The daycare think he may be ADHD? One teacher said she thought so, the other said we need to take him to a paediatrician to have him diagnosed. Does anyone have similar stories to this.
Date: 11-November-2011 @ 8:18 pm
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Author: little_one_1971

Re: Diagnosing a child

Wow, no responses to this? That's sad.

As an Early Childhood educator, I can say that your child is probably extremely frustrated by the peer company in his room. The average 3-yr-old is not going to understand a concept like 'annoyed', let alone understand that other people might feel that way. How can he communicate within a group of relative 'babies'? His words won't register with these children. Socially, he has 3-yr-old skills, and so his frustration with others' lack of intellectual/communicative skills expresses as snatching and hitting.

It is extremely normal also for gifted young children to need less rest and to be very active (I was sleep-deprived for 6 years with my gifted son). The fact that he can self-regulate his tiredness at home totally contraindicates ADHD for me- daycare tends to be extremely structured, especially around sleep issues, and he will respond to this by pushing back; daycare providers also tend to be horribly ignorant about giftedness.

Here is an article which you might find helpful:

The 20-point checklist might help you with your 'diagnosis' and the article could be a useful handout for your childcare provider.
Date: 27-May-2012 @ 11:21 am
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Author: auntannie

Re: Diagnosing a child

Thanks Auntannie,
This week I finally was able to see the paediatrician and confirm what we already knew.
He is a healthy active child.
He has advanced language skills, excellent gross and fine motor skills and well developed cognitive skills.
He definitely does not have ADHD.
He also told us that it was up do the daycare providers to provide a challenging and stimulating environment and establish defined boundaries and rules,

Thanks for you input!
He does not have ADHD
Date: 27-May-2012 @ 12:16 pm
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Author: little_one_1971

Re: Diagnosing a child

Hi there,

Again the daycare is 'at me'!
They want another interview about my 3 year old who they
tell me 'has meltdowns' when he has to change activities.
they say he then has another meltdown when they have commenced the activity and he has missed out!
they tell me he is sensitive to loud noise. (mind you I can drop something e.g. a pan on the floor, or turn up the music
to almost deafening levels!
He can count to 20 and tell me numbers before and after
any number to 20.
He engages in conversation with strangers- including asking questions.
His motor skills, both gross and fine are excellent.
Can almost write his name - 7 letters. knows all alphabet.
do I have cause to worry about his transitioning 'episides'?
Date: 16-June-2012 @ 10:09 pm
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Author: little_one_1971

Re: Diagnosing a child

He sounds a lot like my son, 3 years old too. My daughter is more of the people pleaser type, polite and angelic for her teachers, hiding her boredom from them, tantrums at home about not wanting to go. My son tells it like it is with meltdowns for all to see! Transitions are a hard part of a day for any child, especially without sufficient warning that it is almost pack up time/time to change activity. I have found this heightened greatly with my gifted children. There is resentment of anything that comes between them and their 'work' (which is their play). My son does have some genuine sensory needs and I am currently trying to work out if these are just Debrowski's Overexcitabilities or Sensory Processing Disorder. Sounds like its not as much of an issue for your son at home though?
Date: 16-June-2012 @ 10:24 pm
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Author: threebee

Re: Diagnosing a child

Hi threebee

no it's not much of an issue at him.
he is an only child and as I only work part time he can virtually please himself. there are very few stresses on time constraints.
I don't generally give him a choice too much. I usually say, 'we need to get ready because I need to go and get groceries.'
very rarely he'll say, 'i'd rather not thanks!'
I say, ' you're 3 and I'm the mother,'
he then gets ready!
I almost every day get from him....'it's tough being 3'!!!
I have also though it might be SPD. but the characteristics for this aren't always consistent. sometimes he throws a tantrum, sometimes not, somtimes he dislikes loud TV, sometimes not???
my paediatrician thinks there's nothing wrong- just a bright
strong willed clever boy exercising his authority????
who knows.... just that I'm a bit over the ' every time I pick him up from daycare having a issue'.
thanks for listening and I hope you get some answers about your little man :)
Date: 17-June-2012 @ 12:18 am
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Author: little_one_1971

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