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Persecution / victim complex

I am wondering whether this is a common gifted trait or just something specific to my 7 year old son. He often sees events in a very negative light and assume that he is being persecuted. Eg he will say 'at lunchtime Child X and his crew chased me and surrounded me'. When I speak to Child X's mum she says 'Isn't it nice that our kids are playing chasey together at lunch time'. He doesn't see it as chasey but as being persecuted. When playing team sports he gets upset because 'no one kicks the ball to me'. He has made no effort to get involved by chasing the ball but he sees himself as a victim of the actions of others rather than being in control of his own destiny. I am concerned because I know that this 'glass half empty' attitude is linked to depression, etc later in life.
Date: 19-April-2012 @ 11:47 pm
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Author: Naz

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