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two gifted children

Both my children aged 9 (girl) and 8 (boy) have been recognised as 'gifted' and placed in extended learning programs both within their own schools program as well as JETS (junior PEAC program). My daughter is very organised & perfectionistic, strives to achieve her very best all the time and always want to hand her very best work . My son, who family, friends and professionals have commented is well above his intelligence level for his age (tested & recognised at aged 4 to be reading and comprehending at a 12-13 year old level) and perhaps brighter than my daughter in terms of understanding information at a higher level, is somewhat less inclined to strive beyond his own level as he is well above others in his class. Both his school teacher and extended learning teacher are concerned that he is wasting his talents already. He is a very sensitive boy and want to know the best way to approach this as I can see it may become the old 'well you are nothing like your sister' in years to come.
Date: 30-November-2011 @ 1:25 pm
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Author: carlsy

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