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Gifted or ADHD

My son, Yin Chen is 7 years old. Based on the initial assessment at the website, I am not sure whether he ADHD or he is a gifted boy. Here's some of my own observation

1)At age of 3, he knew the number from 1 to 100, the concept of descending & ascending order, alphabet A-Z , a-z. He even knew the conversion of A=1, D=4 etc. He could easily read out the alphabet in descending order Z to A.
He did not speak or communicat well but he could read books or words easily though he did not know the meaning

2) Age 4, he could do the simple addition and subtraction (1 and 2 digits). He also understand the concept of calender (year, month, number of days in each month, leap year ) and the time (am and pm, 24 hours i.e. 22:15 is equal to 10:15pm)
He also had a great memory. He could remember all 20 flash cards (numbers & pictures), shopping complex structures i.e carpark level & lots

3) Age 5, addition & subtraction to 3 - 4 digits and simple multiplication & division and solving logical questions from Primary 1 workbooks.
He would read the rule and instruction for any new games (i.e. junior monopoly, chess), able to follow games' rule and play along with his parents.

6) Age 6, he completed his piano level 1a and 1b in less than 9 months (4 lessons per month, average 3 months faster than his peers.

He is currently primary 1 in the SRJK primary shool. While the teachers complaint his 'weird' behaviour, i.e. could not remained seated, not paying attention, I could understand that maybe he is too bored with the current syllabus.
My observation is the usual shcool may not be suitable for him.

I am arranging him to sit for IQ test hopefully in Malaysia/Singapore. This is to identify his ability before I could move on to the next step for him.

I am also arranging him to see the Child Psychologist as he may seems to have behaviour problem

Date: 4-February-2006 @ 6:46 pm
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Author: linkimyong

Re: Gifted or ADHD

Hi - I came to the Gifted-Children website looking for a gentle introduction to giftedness to pass on to a friend who has just been told their child is ADHD.

I got the intro I wanted, but then I was looking for links to parent support groups - because a group I started a year ago has just flourished.

So under the "parents" forum I found your message, with no replies, but posted only a few weeks ago.

So to answer your question fairly, I do not know anything much at all about ADHD, and from your descriptions, your son does sound gifted.

If you are interested to talk with some other parents, consider joining the following Yahoo group. (You will need a yahoo account, but you can read about the group without joining it first if you like):

Date: 23-February-2006 @ 10:01 am
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Author: youcantryreachingme

Re: Gifted or ADHD

My gifted 6 year old daughter also shows "symptoms" of ADHD and she always has ants in her pants! She can't sit still for one second and constantly fidgets and kicks her legs etc. She has always been like this.
Date: 6-March-2007 @ 4:30 pm
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Author: BeeP

Re: Gifted or ADHD

Dear Lin Kim Yong, Our son is showing similar development as you described in your post on this website. We would be grateful if you could share with us your current experience with your son, Yin Chen. SL Puah (
Date: 17-February-2011 @ 1:19 am
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Author: puahsl

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