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A book about tying shoes

I have just released a book that will help teach kids how to tie their shoes. If you are a struggling parent dealing with this issues check out my book. The book is called, "A Blue Little Boy." A Blue Little boy is a childrens book about a kid named Blue, who is trying to figure out what is wrong with his shoes. He thinks that his shoes are too large and that is the reason that his shoes keep falling off his feet. Blue goes around the farm and asks different animals how to solve the problem. Blue winds up figuring out the reason that his shoe keep falling off his feet. Come and check it out at!/group.php?gid=127783843906557&v=info
Date: 3-August-2010 @ 3:33 pm
Rating: 0
Views: 4270
Status: Approved
Author: jmr19822001

Re: A book about tying shoes

That was great book to be..
Then we will purchased that book soon..
Thanks for the information that you shared with us here..

Date: 22-November-2010 @ 11:37 pm
Rating: 0
Views: 3421
Status: Approved
Author: cuinee

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