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Tips on How To Stop Children in Nail Biting

* - The first step should be to talk it with your child. Ask about possible reasons that may lead to this habit. * - Give the example. My wife helped me with this: as she found our daughter biting her nails she told her how beautiful everyone would think she is with nice nails. NOTE: Do this in a friendly positive way. * - Give them an alternate way to deal with anxiety - without then noticing it. If you catch your child starting to bite their nails, give him or her another thing to do. Distraction is the key, and learning new ways to cope with anxiety. * Donít punish. As I said this means reinforcing the habit. ____________ [url=""]Free Child Care Tips & Guides, News and Updates[/url]
Date: 3-April-2009 @ 1:42 pm
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Author: galyex

Re: Tips on How To Stop Children in Nail Biting

You have told a very positive way for improving the habit. I have heard somewhere that 'children bite nails when they lack confidence'. What you think is it true? If yes, then how to cope up with this situation? [url=]disciplining children[/url], [url=]bringing up children[/url]
Date: 12-October-2009 @ 9:09 pm
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Author: NewChild

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