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accelerated, but too much?

MY 6 year old last year was accelerated in 4th term from preprimary to year one. He has now started in year 2 in a mixed 2/3 class. Academically he sits at the top of the year 2 class and is capable of some year 3 work but is very nervous/anxious at achool and teary before going saying he finds it too hard and too much. He used to love going to school, though found the work easy and not challenging. The point of the acceleration was to keep him interested and loving learning, but it seems to have had the reverse effect- are we putting too much expectation on him? He is an absolute perfectionist. My husband and I are wondering if he were in the 1/2 class that he would feel less expectation and therefore enjoy the work more and take on more challenging tasks as he feels comfortable without the stress of expectation. Can anyone offer advice? We are torn between supporting him through this to build resilience and wondering if we have created this negative & too stressful environment for him. Any advice would be great.
Date: 12-February-2009 @ 12:28 pm
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Author: vicplum

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