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Improving handwriting


I'm new to this forum. We have only been in Australia for 18 months and all that time has been spent on trying to convince the school that thework wasn't challenging enough.

After lengthy meetings and discussions they decided to refer my son to O/T, speech thereapy etc. In November I managed to get him assessed privately and found out he is on the 99 percentile across the board. The school is now going to re-assess his educational plan.

In the meantime I have been topping up his education by home teaching which is fine on the maths side (I am a UK maths teacher) but do not feel confident in other areas. I am trying to help him improve his handwriting at home but am getting nowhere.

I have tried workbooks but this does not fit his learning style. I have also tried mathematical problem solving but as he works out the answers in his head, he refuses to write down the complete sentence at the end.

Any ideas or info as to where I can get help would be appreciated.


Date: 28-January-2008 @ 11:00 pm
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Author: debswoods

Re: Improving handwriting

This seems to be a pretty common problem, with bright cookies.
I bought two felt-tipped calligraphy pens, and a calligraphy book, and took up calligraphy as "my" hobby. It gave writing a whole different aim and turned it into an aesthetic activity, which took a lot of the stress out.
I also did deals- "I'll write the first sentence, if you'll write the second one".
And I encouraged writing shopping lists and recipes, where single-word content was normal, and of obvious value.
I wouldn't say it's solved everything, but things have improved a lot in the last 6 months.
Good luck!

Date: 18-February-2008 @ 3:18 pm
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Author: Kathleen

Re: Improving handwriting

Thanks Kathleen. Will give it a go. I havealso ordered a typing CD-ROM to see if that helps with his composition and perhaps the handwriting will follow.

Date: 18-February-2008 @ 10:26 pm
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Author: debswoods

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