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Gifted child of an abusive parent

As a mother of two gifted children , all of us havig survived a highly emotionally abusive spouse, I wonder if there is anyone else out there who has had similal experiance, and how to handle the child who has greater insight into the abuse than you yourself ever did either during or after.

Date: 11-December-2005 @ 12:00 am
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Re: Gifted child of an abusive parent

That's a tough question. I do know that when I was 11 I suspected my parents would divorce, primarily I believed because of a disengagement by my father of any real relationship with my mother.

My father did leave four years later and my mother could never understand why I seemed so unfazed by it - which I guess means that might put me somewhere in the situation of your kids, but with a different sort of parental marriage breakdown.

've just promoted (in another question) a yahoo group I am moderator for. I don't mean to hijack this website's forum - as this is an excellent website with excellent information! (and we do link to it from the yahoo group!) Nevertheless, the group has many *very* active Australian members. You may find furhter support there.

Chris (youcantryreachingme), Moderator for the online yahoo group "giftedfamilies" which is open to all but has a strong Australian flavour. You will need a Yahoo account to join, but you can read the group intro without a Yahoo account.

Date: 23-February-2006 @ 10:31 am
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Author: youcantryreachingme

Re: Gifted child of an abusive parent

Maybe...just let them talk...they might have an insight but you are still the one who contains their emotions...and while the kids can support you it is very important you find an additional source of support for yourself. Your self-care is essential to your kids' wellbeing...

Date: 22-December-2007 @ 8:39 pm
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Author: Jasmina

Re: Gifted child of an abusive parent

Hi i lived in an unhealthy relationship that was emotionally and mentally abusive,with an indigo child.After ending it we started on our healing journey and 2 years laster she is fully integrated and all the trauma she experienced healed from her system.As with me.they know things very deeply u need to respect there intellience and knowing and allow them to be who they r.I am now an energetic medicine therapsit and its a blessing to be able to assit people in there path back to wholeness and oneness
Date: 27-July-2008 @ 11:25 am
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Author: Jill

Re: Gifted child of an abusive parent

I was a child that came out of a home like the one you have mentioned, my only advice is that gifted children generally know that they are different and often shoulder more blame for situations that are entirely out of their control then they let on. Make sure that they are comfortable talking about that part of their life and that they are certain that their behaviour and personalities had nothing to do with the breakdown of your relatonship. Find out how they think and feel about the abuser and let them know it is ok to have mixed feelings towards them.
Date: 19-March-2009 @ 1:23 am
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Author: Karissa01

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