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Efficacy of the Cellfield Treatment for Reading Difficulties

Efficacy of the Cellfield Treatment for Reading Difficulties: An Integrated Computer-Based Approach Targeting Deficits Associated with Dyslexia

Authors:  Dr Lee-Ann Prideaux (Ph.D., B.Psych Hons., B.Ed)
                Kerry A. Marsh (B.Psych Hons., Assoc.MAPS)
                Dimitri Caplygin (B. Sc. Eng.)


This study provides preliminary support for the efficacy of the Cellfield treatment. The results show that this combination of computer-based exercises derived from contemporary theory has a positive impact on reading-related skills, oral reading proficiency, and ocular measures in the clinical sample assessed. While it is not possible to make inferences with regard to specific aspects of the treatment, these data provide evidence for the benefits participants have experienced as a result of their exposure to its integrated format. Hence, the conjecture over double or even multi-deficit hypotheses of dyslexia and our contention that treatment should reflect this by adopting a multi-deficit focus appear germane.

Cellfield_Paper_Final_12_July_2004.PDF Cellfield_Paper_Final_12_July_2004.PDF (157kB)

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