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Bull Bequest Grants Year 2003 - Page 1

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Bull Bequest Grant Gifted Childrens Fund

Each year grants are made by Australian Mensa under the terms of a bequest of Alan Wilfred Bull.  The grants being offered from the A.W. Bull Bequest are available only to children for whom evidence can be provided that the child has at least one parent, at least one grandparent, and at least one great-grandparent who were all domiciled in Australia. The grants are available specifically to facilitate studies which are in advance of those usually undertaken by children of the same age.

Grants may be made for: school fees, special tuition fees, travel and accommodation expenses, equipment (including books, study materials, musical instruments, computers, software, etc), or in general for any purpose directly facilitating advanced studies by the child.

Applications are judged on validity, and on detailed information explaining the quality and the importance to the applicant, of the purpose for the grant; the circumstances of the family, including total family income, and any other factors which contribute to the difficulty of providing assistance to the gifted child. We expect to be able to make grants only to medium or low-income families, or families with other circumstances of hardship.

More Information can be obtained from Mensa Gifted Grants

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