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The purpose of this site is to provide a communication channel for those involved with gifted children.  It is a great medium to gather information, exchange ideas, swap stories and gather courage. 

The ride in gifted families is a very exciting one, with wonderful extremes.  It is also rather exhausting at times.  To build a community of like-minds is a fabulous support and resource.

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About Me - Raie

I am the mother of gifted children, currently attending secondary and primary schools, and I have first-hand experience in navigating the education system in Melbourne, Victoria.  My knowledge of gifted children and educational practices has improved with time, as has my ability to select schools with an active gifted policy.  I have found it beneficial to talk with like-minded people about issues of daily life, and have actively pursued further knowledge about gifted children.

I am passionate about supporting our gifted children in the community.  They have such special talents, and special needs, and require our understanding, support and advocacy to develop into confident, innovative and progressive men and women.

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