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Work shops for Parent and Teacher and how to look after Gifted Children

Submitted By: Jamie
Date Submitted: 16-June-2008 2:59 pm
Status: Approved
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Parents Work Shop - 17th July 2008

Coping With School and Your Gifted Child
(and other tricky questions!)

  • How do you tell the school you think your child might be gifted without them thinking you’re a pushy parent?
  • What can you do if they won’t listen?
  • What if you’re not sure – how can you tell if they are gifted?
  • How can you respond to a teacher who does not give your child challenging work?
  • How can you help your child at home?
  • Should you be worried if your child spends lots of time alone?

This is a practical workshop for parents who know or suspect they have a gifted child. This is your chance to ask your own tricky questions! This is your chance to get clear and supportive answers from someone who has a wealth of information about gifted children and wants you to be able to help your children grow and learn.
Rosemary developed the REACH (Responding to Exceptionally Able Children) teaching model, founded New Zealand’s only specialist gifted education centre, and led the drive to successfully change education policy in this field. She runs an on-line certificate course in gifted education for teachers and has presented numerous workshops, lectures and training sessions.

Teacher's Work Shop - 17th and 18th July 2008

Part One - This full-day workshop will provide educators with a totally new and simple approach to curriculum planning to pro-vide for individual differences within the classroom. ―Conceptual Curriculum‖ is a practical and engaging system to differentiate the curriculum for gifted learners as well as to enhance teaching and learning for all children. It offers practical support and user-friendly systems for teachers in early childhood, primary and secondary level & references the standards of professional practice for renewal of registration.

Part Two - The second full-day workshop will address three of the most vexing issues for teachers of gifted learners:



Enquiries: 0434 217 781

The Mac.Robertson
Girls’ High School
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