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Victorian Education Department Re-structure

Submitted By: Raie
Date Submitted: 24-November-2003 10:23 am
Status: Approved
Views: 11030
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The Gifted Education section of the Victorian Department of Education and Training no longer exists as a single entity.

It is being moved to a new Strategic Projects Unit. This Unit has an emphasis on policy and strategy development in the Student Outcomes Division.  It draws from the previous Special Projects, Student Programs and Religious Education sections.

Functions of the new unit will be:

  1. Projects for selected groups (excluding Koories and Cultural and Linguistic Diversity groups) including gender groups, high potential or gifted groups, religious/spiritual education, ACE-school education partnerships and initiatives
  2. Stakeholder management and strategic partnerships 

Staff of the new unit will be 1 Manager and 2 Senior Project Officers.  Appointments will be known on 24th November 2003.

Scope of each area and projects within the unit are not known as yet.

This information comes from Betty Skantzos,  Gifted Education Section of Victorian Department of Education and Training. 

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