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This site is dedicated to providing support to parents of gifted children and their families, gathering and disseminating information about raising and educating gifted children, and promoting the needs of these families within the community.

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Work shops for Parent and Teacher and how to look after Gifted Children
Submitted By Jamie - 16-June-2008 2:59 pm

Parents Work Shop - 17th July 2008

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Cover story seen in the Age Newspaper - "Too clever by half "
Submitted By Jamie - 16-June-2008 3:29 pm

Pub: The Age

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query re impact of UAI on accelerated subjects
Submitted By lin - 2-June-2005 9:58 am
Hello, I am a newcommer to your site. I am trying to understand the impact of UAI on our accelerated kids. My child has finished 8 units before Yr12. In his school he was not allowed to repeat his accelerated subjects or in essence made impossible to repeat. Although he did well, he has attempted the subjects some 3 years earlier and I am sure his result is not as optimun as it can be. I am trying to understand how they calculate UAI on subjects performed years earlier then their cohort and whether attempting them early is to their detriment. UAC,school etc.. could not enlighten me. Anybody know? Lin ( Read more... | 2 Responses )

AAEGT Conference coming soon...
Submitted By Raie - 23-June-2004 11:43 am
AAEGT Conference - Melbourne, Victoria.  August 2004.
Creating Environments for Developing Talent
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Gifted Resources Newsletter
Submitted By Raie - 7-April-2004 12:55 pm
April 2004 Newsletter is now available from Gifted Resources.  Email for your copy.  Upcoming events and interesting websites to visit. ( Read more... )

Victorian Education Department Re-structure
Submitted By Raie - 24-November-2003 10:23 am

The Gifted Education section of the Victorian Department of Education and Training no longer exists as a single entity.

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CHIP EXPO, 15 November 2003
Submitted By Raie - 24-November-2003 10:22 am

The 2003 CHIP EXPO was held last Saturday at The CHIP Centre in Windsor, Victoria.

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Camelot Rise Parent Support Group - gifted and highly able children
Submitted By Raie - 24-November-2003 10:21 am

The next meeting of this group will be Thursday 6th November 2003, 2.15 - 3.30pm at Camelot Rise Primary School.  All interested parents at the school are welcome. 

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Camelot Rise Primary School Forms Parent Support Group
Submitted By Admin - 24-November-2003 10:11 am

After discussions with interested parents the principal at Camelot Rise Primary School has endorsed the formation of a Parent Support Group for Gifted and Highly-Able Students.

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